Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Washington Post

Apple faces $73mn lawsuit in Europe over throttling iPhones

"When consumers buy Apple iPhones, they expect sustainable quality products. Unfortunately, that is not what happened with the iPhone 6 series," Els Bruggeman, Euroconsumers' head of policy and enforcement, said in a statement.

US passes nine million reported coronavirus cases: Johns Hopkins

Midwestern state Wisconsin has also set up a field hospital in recent weeks, and hospital workers in Missouri were sounding warning bells as cases there rise.

Is Jeff Bezos considering purchase of CNN?

Although there is no official confirmation of even the start of any formal or informal talks for such a potential deal from any party, some media investment bankers feel that the sale of CNN

US police shooting unarmed Black people ‘3 times higher than for whites’

The findings come as the US has seen waves of protest since the killing of George Floyd in May, which became a symbol of what many say is systemic racism and abuse of African Americans by police.

Jeff Bezos 1st person ever to be worth over $200 billion

The e-commerce giant saw a huge spike in demands for its services amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Huawei license expires in US, Google Android updates in trouble

The expiration of the license means that Google will not be able to send software updates to Huawei cell phones, which run on Google's Android operating system.

Facebook stopped Zuckerberg from acting on Trump post in 2015: Report

Zuckerberg finally said on Saturday that the social network will put warning labels on all posts that break its rules but are deemed newsworthy.

Volunteers put their lives at risk for COVID-19 vaccine

Doctors first give the volunteers experimental vaccine, thereafter they are exposed to the deadly pathogen.

Coronavirus toll surpasses 2,000 in single day in United States

The total number of people, who have succumbed to the virus in the country has now reached 18,545.

Trump campaign sues Washington Post, claims defamation

The lawsuit, filed U.S. District in Washington, came a week after the campaign sued The New York Times for defamation over an op-ed that claimed a quid pro quo between Trump and Russia.

Ill-advised snub

Piyush Goyal's remarks on Amazon not only reflect a poor choice of words but also a negative approach towards businesses

Cartoonist Sudhir Dar dies at 87 

New Delhi: Renowned cartoonist Sudhir Dhar, whose works graced several newspapers in a career spanning 58 years, died on Tuesday morning after suffering a...

Worried about re-election, Trump reportedly shelves vaping ban

The freeze was welcomed by the vaping industry, which has been blamed for a health epidemic among teenage consumers of their products.

311 Indians attempting to illegally immigrate to US, deported by Mexico

Immigration sources have confirmed that these Indians had illegally reached Mexico over the last few months with the help international agents

On a quest to immortalise human emotions

Four-time Pulitzer winning photographer Carol Guzy on painting missed moments one day and why the camera doesn’t always shield her from what she witnesses

Johnny Depp sues ex-wife Amber Heard for $50m in defamation suit

In the motion filed in Fairfax, Virginia, Heard's lawyers reiterate allegations that Depp abused her and include exhibits such as photos of her with bruised face and scarred arms.

Amazon CEO settles for $36 bn divorce deal

The pair first announced plans to separate in January following reports of Jeff Bezos cheating on his wife, claims that he denied later.

NASA dismisses spaceflight health risks

There are no major warning signs against a two-and-a-half-year round-trip journey to Mars, says the space agency

Netflix drops satire episode critical of Saudi Arabia

Karen Attiah, Khashoggi's editor at The Washington Post, said Netflix's action was "quite outrageous."

Ready to meet Trump again, says Kim Jong-un

Kim, however, warned he might have to seek a "new path" if the US maintains sanctions and demands unilateral concessions, The Washington Post reported.

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