Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Kylie gets court protection from man who tried trespassing her home

TMZ broke the news, the 27-year-old man - Shaquan King, was ordered by the judge at a Friday (local time) hearing to keep a distance of at least 100 yards from Kylie for the next 3 years.

NASA suspends $2.9 billion SpaceX lunar lander project amid protests

Blue Origin had filed a protest with the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) against NASA for awarding $2.9 billion contract to SpaceX for landing astronauts on the Moon by 2024.

Global Covid-19 caseload tops 150.9 million: Johns Hopkins University

In its latest update on Saturday morning, the University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed that the current global caseload and death toll stood at 150,972,476 and 3,176,054, respectively.

Lady Gaga’s dognappers charged with attempted murder, robbery

According to TMZ, L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon has released the names of the 5 suspects- James Howard Jackson, Jaylin Keyshawn White and Lafayette Shon Whaley

Halle Berry laughs off on joke about her hair at 2021 Oscars

According to People magazine, soon after the 54-year-old actor arrived at the Oscars to present, fans flooded social media with reactions to her new blunt bob and baby bangs.

Researchers suggest doctors should screen over-50s for cannabis use

This is despite some using cannabis every day of the year and others having mental health problems, according to a study of more than 17,000 people aged 50 and over in the US.

Study finds link between fish oil supplements, heart rhythm disorder

"Currently, fish oil supplements are indicated for patients with elevated plasma triglycerides to reduce cardiovascular risk," said study author Dr Salvatore Carbone of Virginia Commonwealth University, US.

High vaccination rate- key to future course of COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccination is making a striking difference in Minnesota and keeping the current level of positive cases from becoming an emergency that overwhelms ICUs and leads to more illness and death, according to a study published

Older adults found resilience during pandemic through community

If resilience is understood as the ability to see positives in the midst of a negative situation, then many of the study's participants demonstrated resilience during that time, the researchers said.

US advises its citizens to leave India amid Covid surge

The Department of State issued the highest level travel advisory asking US citizens "not to travel to India or to leave as soon as it is safe to do so".

US Fed keeps interest rates near zero as recovery picks up

The central bank pledged to continue its asset purchase program at least at the current pace of $120 billion per month until the economic recovery makes "substantial further progress".

Alcohol, sexist attitudes combine to increase male violence towards women

Researchers have long known that problem drinking increases a man's likelihood of being violent towards his wife or girlfriend, but a new study published today by the scientific journal

Olivia talks about ‘identity crisis’ at 14 while filming for Disney channel

Rodrigo, who started gaining recognition at the age of 14 while starring on Bizaardvark on Disney Channel, said that time in her life was very lonely, according to People magazine.

Study suggests loneliness in men can lead to cancer

It has been estimated, on the basis of studies carried out in recent years, that loneliness could be as significant a health risk as smoking or overweight. Our findings support the idea that attention should be paid to this issue

Study uncovers potential treatment of breast cancer through targeted drugs

Hormones have proteins on their cell surface called receptors that receive and send biological messages and regulate cell function.

Hubble images show giant star on edge of destruction

The star, called AG Carinae, is a few million years old and resides 20,000 light-years away inside our Milky Way galaxy. It is estimated to be up to 70 times more massive than our Sun and shines with the blinding brilliance of one million suns.

Oscars 2021: The biggest snubs and surprises

According to Variety, another big shocker was that this time the Best Picture category was not announced last, instead, they saved the lead acting categories for that.

Global Covid-19 caseload tops 146.8 million: Johns Hopkins University

In its latest update on Monday morning, the University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed that the current global caseload and death toll stood at 146,830,782 and 3,106,384, respectively.

Spotify to launch podcast subscription service soon

As per Variety, the company will be letting content creators keep 100 per cent of the subscription fees. As per sources, Spotify will not take a cut of podcast subscription revenue.

SpaceX Crew-2 launches 4 astronauts to space station

The spacecraft, named Endeavour by the crew, lifted-off at 5.49.02 a.m. EDT from the Launch Complex 39A at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA said.

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