Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Trump lashes out at ‘stupid’ Republican critics

Polls show that most voters disapprove of his erratic handling of the pandemic, and Biden has made it a core theme, promising a more sober leadership.

Japan Coast Guard warns Chinese ships after entering Japan’s waters

This was the first time since August 28 that the Chinese government have entered Japan's territorial waters, and 18th time this year.

Facebook to remove fake posts on Oregon wildfires in US

There is no evidence Oregon's fires were caused by arson from far-left activists, reports NBC News.

Health Ministry notifies new health warnings for tobacco products

The amended rules will be applicable with effect from September 1, 2020. The Ministry has issued two warning images against tobacco usage.

Scientists call on Australia to urgently reduce carbon emissions

"It's important to remember that what we are seeing now are the dangerous and costly impacts of just one degree Celsius of global warming."

Cyber frauds continue unabated

Cyber crooks use phishing, vishing techniques to steal credit, debit card details and then loot people

Plain packs with warnings detract smokers

Warnings used on standardised packs were novel and larger than those on fully-branded packs - and displayed pictorial images on both main display areas, the team said.

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