Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Hyderabad Hams organise Field Day

A ‘Field Day’ is an occasion for the Amateur Radio operators aka Ham operators to test their skills in erecting antennae and establishing communication links with outside world with HF and VHF bands. A special call sign AU5HYD was allocated by the Union Government for the event.

From USA to Lakshadweep, with love

New local Radio Star of Lakshadweep, Aboobaker, got the Amateur Radio Licence issued by Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India with the callsign VU3EBX

Karimnagar police set up check posts to check cow transportation

Round the clock vehicle check will be carried out at the check-posts, where policemen will work in three shifts to check the illegal transportation of cows

Student grilled for carrying VHF radio in Hyderabad

A 19-year-old ham was detained at Nagole Metro Station and questioned for almost one hour

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