Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Iran to oppose proposal to raise OPEC crude output

Oil prices ended lower on Tuesday as investors awaited the upcoming OPEC meeting.

Personality cult and democracy

Projecting the Central government as just Prime Minister Modi and Modi as Central government points to authoritarianism

Dr Reddy’s Q4 net down 3% at Rs 302 crore

Consolidated revenue of the company stood at Rs 14,202.8 crore for the fiscal year ended March 2018. It was Rs 14,080.9 crore for the previous fiscal year.

68 killed in Venezuela prison fire

The situation soon turned violent, leading the 20 state police officers who were guarding the station to launch tear gas.

Venezuelan Prez Nicolas Maduro reaches out to Trump on Twitter

Nicolas Maduro and senior government officials, including Attorney General Tarek William Saab, have alleged that the US is orchestrating an alleged plan for a "military invasion" of Venezuela from neighbouring Colombia.

Trump denounces ‘religious persecution’ in world

Trump delivered his remarks at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, an event that traditionally blends politics and religion, Efe reported.

Nicolas Maduro sheds light on proposed cryptocurrency

Venezuelan president first proposed the cryptocurrency early in December.

US condemns Venezuela elections, calls them neither free nor fair

International powers accuse Maduro of dismantling democracy by taking over State institutions in the wake of an economic collapse caused by a fall in the price of oil, its main source of revenue.

President Maduro claims victory in Venezuela polls, Opposition says no

The results amounted to a crushing blow to the Opposition which had characterised the elections as a referendum on Maduro, after months of deadly street protests earlier this year failed to unseat him.

The Disunited Nations

With each country batting for its own benefits, the idea of a peaceful world is in peril right where it should be celebrated.

Pope Francis urges United Nations to help Venezuela

"The most painful is the humanitarian problem. There are so many people fleeing or suffering," the pontiff told journalists aboard the papal plane on his return trip from a five-day visit to Colombia.

Democracy in distress, people in peril

A collapsing economy and international admonition do not seem to deter Venezuela from its ruinous path.

14 killed as constitutional assembly election in Venezuela turns violent

The opposition has refused to recognise the vote, which comes after months of violent protests in Caracas and other cities against the government and its plan to rewrite the constitution to give Maduro more power.

Venezuela: Helicopter hurled grenades at Supreme Court

In his speech, Maduro, 54, said that in addition to firing on Venezuela's high court, the helicopter flew over the Justice and Interior Ministeries.

Venezuela rebellion reaches one month of protests

The opposition has accused President Maduro of installing a dictatorship. Even residents of traditionally pro-Maduro districts have been joining in the protests against him in recent days.

Venezuela opposition rallies for jailed members

It was the latest in a month of demonstrations that have left 28 people dead in clashes between riot police and anti-government protesters, according to prosecutors.

Venezuela opposition rallies for jailed members

Caracas: Thousands of opponents of Venezuela's leftist government marched to jails on Friday demanding the release of opposition leaders they say are political prisoners...

Venezuela opposition defiant as protesters shot dead

In the latest unrest, public prosecutors said a 23-year-old man died from being shot in the head with a shotgun in overnight protests in northwestern Lara state.

Two killed in Venezuela protests

The return to violence in the streets of Venezuela after a weekend lull was certain to further stoke international concern over the country.

Venezuela pro-government protester dies, raising toll to 21

Almelina Carrillo, 47, succumbed to injuries suffered when she was struck in the head by a bottle thrown from a building during the march in Caracas, Venezuela's state ombudsman Tarek Saab said on Twitter.

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