Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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John Kerry given France’s highest honour

John Kerry has been awarded with France's highest honour, Legion d'Honneur, with his French counterpart saying that the US diplomat was a "tireless champion of peace".

US to send 200 more troops to Syria: Defense Secretary

Ashton Carter announced that 200 additional military troops would be deployed in Syria to help retake al-Raqqa from the Islamic State terror group.

Won’t allow H1B visa holders to replace US workers: Trump

Trump said that his government will stop American companies to hire people on H-1B visas and put an end to illegal immigration, drugs from pouring into USA.

Trump picks Goldman Sachs executive for top economic post

Gary Cohn, Goldman's president and chief operating officer, has been offered a economic post the director of the key economic council.

US criticises Pakistan’s crackdown on Ahmadiyyas

USCIRF condemns the brutal raid on the Ahmadiyya offices, the first such raid since Pakistan amended its constitution 42 years ago declaring that Ahmadis are 'non-Muslims'

China appeals to US to stop disrupting acquisitions

Recently President Barack Obama blocked the Chinese purchase of a German maker of semiconductor manufacturing equipment stating it as a security risk.

Don’t repeat past mistakes, Russian Minister told US

"But, according to President Vladimir Putin, we are ready to make our part of the way to stabilize the Russian-U.S. relations," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

Man threatens to set hijab-wearing Muslim on fire

A woman reported that an unknown man approached and yelled at her, making references to her religion and told her to remove her hijab in Ann Arbor in Michigan, last week.

Anti-Trump protesters march amid tear gas, flash grenades

More than a thousand protesters took to the streets across California after night fell including downtown Los Angeles, where over 200 were arrested a night earlier.

World media plays Trump’et

Media around the world expressed shock and surprise over the victory of the Republican nominee Donald Trump in the USA Presidential Elections.

US-led strike ‘kills civilians’ near IS-held Raqa

The US-led coalition, which launched the air campaign against IS two years ago, hopes that driving the group from the two cities will deal it a knockout blow.

India over Trump’s victory

Activists of Hindu Sena celebrate victory of US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections and the Sensex tanked in recation to the counting trends.

Trump refuses to commit whether he will accept poll results 

The controversial 70-year-old Republican candidate maintained that he would keep the suspense about accepting the election result till November 8.

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