Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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US researchers

This camera films 3D movies at 100 billion frames per second

The device by Lihong Wang at California Institute of Technology not only records video at incredibly fast speeds but does so in 3D.

Paper notebook at home to become your next tablet

Innovators from Purdue University hope their new technology can help transform paper sheets from a notebook into a music player interface and make food packaging interactive.

Vaping puts healthy people on brink of oral disease: Study

The research team conducted DNA deep sequencing of the bacteria genomes to identify not just the types of microbes living in those mouths, but also what their functions were.

Portable device detects cough, can predict pandemic in making

The 'FluSense' creators from University of Massachusetts Amherst said that the new edge-computing platform, envisioned for use in hospitals, healthcare waiting rooms and larger public spaces

Groundwater in US brimming with antibiotic-resistant genes

"ARGs are not regulated in any way and are a challenging emerging contaminant of concern due to our reliance on biological treatment in the engineered water cycle."

Viruses found in kitchen sponges may eat bacteria: Study

A kitchen sponge is exposed to all kinds of different microbes, thus forming a vast microbiome of bacteria and providing rich food sources for phages.

Anger in India as lychee-linked brain fever kills 103 children

The toll may rise with dozens more children undergoing treatment in packed hospital wards, where television pictures showed several children to a bed.

Throat bacteria less likely to develop into flu

The researchers from the University of Michigan (UM) looked at samples of nose and throat bacteria and used DNA sequencing to identify which bacteria were present.

Some nose, throat bacteria less likely to develop into flu: Study

"We looked at who had which cluster and whether it makes a difference on whether they got influenza, and it does," said lead author Betsy Foxman, Professor at UM

Here’s good news for coffee lovers; they live longer

Drinking coffee could lead to a longer life, according to a new study reported by US researchers at the University of Southern California (USC). In...

Good news for coffee lovers, latest study says, they live longer

Drinking coffee was also found to be associated with a lower risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory and kidney disease.

Decoding your thoughts

US researchers develop a novel brain imaging technology.

US researchers eliminate HIV infection in ‘humanised’ mice

The new work followed a previous proof-of-concept study it published in 2016, in which the researchers used transgenic rat and mouse models with HIV-1 DNA incorporated into the genome of every tissue of their bodies.

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