Saturday, October 16, 2021
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US President-elect

Biden names Indian-American as Assistant Press Secretary

According to a post on the team's website, Patel previously served as Regional Communications Director on the Biden-Harris Campaign.

Putin congratulates Biden, says ready for ‘collaboration’

The Russian president was one of the last remaining leaders of major world countries to have held back on congratulating Biden.

‘Biden admin’s policies may marginally impact Asian credit conditions’

The report also said that the US policy towards China is unlikely to change dramatically in the early stages of the Biden administration.

Biden to reportedly name California Attorney General as Health Secy

Biden is expected to make the announcement in coming days, along with choices for other key health posts, including head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

COVID-19 vaccine will not be mandatory: Biden

Biden, who is due to take office on January 20, said he will make sure that the vaccine is both free and available.

Biden expresses sense of urgency in advancing climate goals

In the virtual meeting with national security and climate policy staff on Monday, Biden reiterated his intention to ensure climate change is a core national security priority.

Biden names 7 member all women White House comms team

The new hires: Elizabeth E. Alexander, Communications Director for the First Lady, Kate Bedingfield, White House Communications Director, Ashley Etienne, Communications Director for the Vice President

Biden suffers hairline fracture, will need walking boot

Biden, 78, spent most of Sunday in doctor offices - first at Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark, Delaware and subsequently at another location for a CT scan.

PM Modi speaks to US President-elect Biden

This was the first interaction between the two leaders after Democrat Biden defeated incumbent president Donald Trump in the US presidential election

Robert De Niro calls Trump bad example

As the first celebrity speaker to take the stage at the rally De Niro read out mean tweets about the President-elect, adding that he thought Donald Trump was "a bad example" of the US and New York city.

‘I don’t like tweeting’: Donald Trump

US President-elect Donald Trump has said he does not like tweeting but has to use the social media platform as a defence against "dishonest" media.

Trump meets Martin Luther King Jr.’s son

The private meeting that took place on Monday evening at the Trump Tower in New York.

Trump to hold press conference on January 11

Trump has not held a press conference since July, and his announcement gave just the latest date set for the much-delayed event.

Trump accuses CNN of using his ‘worst’ photo

US President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that about the CNN’s new released book 'Unprecedented' and said that they have used worst cover photo of him.

Europe, Turkey attacks prove me right: Trump

"Terrible. Terrible. What's going on is terrible, terrible. In fact, we have intelligence here right now but what's going on is terrible. Terrible. Terrible," Trump said.

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