Monday, October 25, 2021
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TPCC president N Uttam Kumar Reddy

Rahul Gandhi to announce minimum income guarantee scheme

Public meeting planned in Hyderabad for March 9

T-Congress to announce first list of candidates on November 2

Chatting with reporters at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday, Narayan Reddy said the party will release its candidate list in two installments

Congress bid to disrupt Governor’s speech goes awry

That the main Opposition was determined to disrupt and get suspended in the process was evident when placard-wielding, slogan-shouting Congress members were up on their feet in less than five minutes into the Governor's address.

Simplify British Raj era laws: Anil Kumar Shastri 

Shastri unveiled his father's statue set up on the premises of Lal Bahadhur College in Warangal on Thursday. 

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