Sunday, October 24, 2021
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BP pills may cause skin cancers in elderly

Long-term intake of antihypertensive medications called thiazide diuretics, including hydrochlorothiazide, are linked with higher rates of non-melanoma and melanoma -- the two major types of skin cancers, reported.

Most populated Canadian province to enter 4-week shutdown

Essential retail stores will be able to operate with a 50 per cent capacity limit, while other retail businesses, including big-box stores, can operate at 25 per cent capacity.

Mothers’ exposure to toxic linked to autistic-like behaviours in kids

In this study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the team measured the levels of 25 chemicals in blood and urine samples collected from 1,861 Canadian women during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Aerobic exercise may help address dialysis-related symptom

"We found that as little as 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise two to three times per week seemed to improve several common symptoms in people undergoing hemodialysis and make them feel better," said researcher Clara

Amazon ordered to shut facility in Canada as Covid surges

Peel Public Health has issued an order under the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act to Amazon Canada to require all individuals working at "8050 Heritage Road in Brampton to self-isolate for two weeks effective March 13, 2021."

Vee Tech, Sona Group join Canada’s UHN on wearable research

As part of the agreement, Bengaluru and New York co-headquartered Vee Technologies will make significant cash contributions to the current and future research projects to be undertaken by the collaborating institutions, universities and hospitals in Canada.

Infosys to double Canadian workforce to 4,000 by 2023

Infosys said it has recently been recognised as a Best Place to Work in Canada- Glassdoor Employees Choice Award.

Sleep apnea could be linked to memory issues

"Better sleep is beneficial to the brain and can improve cognitive skills. Yet in our study, we found that over half of the people with cognitive impairment had obstructive sleep apnea," said study

Fat cells may influence how body reacts to heart failure

"Many people believe that, by definition, heart failure is only a condition of the heart. But it's much broader and multiple organs are affected by it," said researcher Jason Dyck from the University of Alberta in Canada.

Eating more refined grains increase CVD, death risk: Study

The study found that having more than seven servings of refined grains per day was associated with a 27 per cent greater risk for early death, 33 percent greater risk for heart disease and 47 per cent greater risk for stroke.

Improving stroke treatment with modified therapeutic molecule

"Glutamate is an essential neurotransmitter for neuronal communication, learning and memory processes, yet above a certain concentration, it becomes toxic to neuronal cells," said researcher

This alternative surgery may prevent total knee replacement

"One of its goals is to prevent or delay the need for knee replacement," said co-author Trevor Birmingham from the Western University in Canada.

Camila Cabello notes what she wishes for in the New Year

The 'Senorita' star wrote, "May we all be happy and peaceful. May we all be healthy and safe. May we all be free from suffering and fear. May we all be strong and feel like we belong."

7 DNA fingerprints that decide who may get cancer discovered

Lifestyle, or put another way 'bad habits', is one of the textbook explanations for why some people are at higher risk for cancer.

Pandemic severely disrupts sleep, ups stress: Study

For the study, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, the research team conducted an online survey of 5,525 Canadian during the early phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kids with Kawasaki at higher risk of cardiac issues: Study

Kawasaki disease (KD) is a childhood illness that causes blood vessels to become inflamed (vasculitis) and swell. KD is most common in children younger than five years old; however, older children can be affected too.

JLF lit fests in Colorado, Houston, NY, Toronto to celebrate power of literature

The programming will include topics like the COVID-19 pandemic, crime-writing, environment, poetry, international politics, racial equality and discrimination, entertainment and fiction.

Glomerular diseases linked to higher cardiovascular problems

To define the cardiovascular disease risk of patients with glomerular diseases, the research team analysed 2000-2012 information from a centralised kidney pathology registry in British Columbia, Canada.

Eating turkey, probiotics may treat people with celiac disease

Celiac disease is the destruction of the lining of the upper gut, which occurs when a person with certain predisposing genes consumes gluten in the diet.

This hand-held device can read cancer biomarker like blood sugar

The device could be used in a medical clinic or at home, all without lab work, greatly simplifying the process for testing blood for cancer's signature.

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