Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Felt bullied after ‘Titanic’ success: Kate Winslet

"I felt bullied if I'm honest. I remember thinking, 'this is horrible and I hope it passes' -- it did definitely pass but it made me realise that, if that's what being famous was, I was not ready to be famous, definitely not," she added.

‘Demon Slayer’ fever shows no sign of abating

The anime epic is all set to dethrone Ghibli classic for box office crown

Get binge-watching this weekend

Kickstarting the seasons celebrations with some much-needed cheer, the channel will bring you a specially curated selection of movies that guarantee an enjoyable binge-watching spree.

Where is Iceberg Alley?

A particularly treacherous part of the North Atlantic has come to be known as Iceberg Alley because of the high number of icebergs that find their way there.

Nat Geo documentary on Titanic to release next year

For the documentary, which has been filmed by Atlantic Productions, the wreck of RMS Titanic has been revisited.

Shipyard where Titanic was built to be axed

The iconic Harland and Wolff which built the doomed ship also supplied 150 warships during WW II

Life of a stuntman

Jump Rocky Jump is a remarkable autobiography of grit and never-say-die spirit.

Going down in history

Some lesser-known facts about the James Cameron’s immortalised version of the award-winning film, Titanic (1997).

‘The Shape of Water’ leads Oscar nominations with 13 nods

'The Shape of Water' was one nomination shy from becoming the only fourth movie in the Oscars history to bag a record 14 nods, levelling the stature held by 'La La Land', 'All About Eve' and 'Titanic'.

Kate Winslet reveals she auditioned with McConaughey for ‘Titanic’

During "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", the host said Paramount wanted to cast McConaughey as Jack in the film.

Celine Dion performs for Las Vegas victims

Donning a ruffled one-sleeve jumpsuit, Dion sang the Titanic ballad while standing on the DJ booth. Following the performance, Aoki joined Dion and they both did their best dance moves.

Digital Domain opens new studio in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: American visual effects and digital production company Digital Domain has opened its first India studio in Hyderabad on Monday. The 42,000 square feet...

Kate Winslet is all set to joins James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ sequels

Cameron began filming the first of the four Fox movies last week in California. He first announced plans for four films in 2016.

Varun Dhawan always admired Titanic, Avatar

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, James Cameron is releasing the 1991 film in 3D, in cinemas now.

Kate Winslet shoots in ‘tougher’ conditions than Leonardo DiCaprio

However, Winslet says she faced harsher conditions while shooting alongside Idris Elba. Winslet, who was not prepared for the freezing temperatures in the remote landscapes of British Columbia

James Cameron calls ‘Wonder Woman’ movie ‘a step backwards’

Cameron is currently busy with "Avatar" sequels, which features Sigourney Weaver.

Kate Winslet braves freezing cold for her forthcoming movie 

"This was much harder than Titanic because we really were at 10,000 feet and it really was -38 degrees Celsius. I definitely had 'Titanic' flashbacks, freezing cold, falling into that cold water," said Winslet.

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