Monday, September 20, 2021
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80 percent nod in favour of education in regional languages

The government also pointed out that foreign language vocabulary should be updated in the textbooks and other printing materials.

Thai mall gunman shot dead after deadly rampage

Shocked evacuees recounted how an ordinary Saturday shopping day at the busy mall descended into horror as the gunman entered.

Food Fiesta celebrates world cuisines in Hyderabad

Mouth-watering dishes were relished by 700 invitees who included professionals from hospitality, tourism, travel, government, executive chefs apart from 100 orphans from Cheery Foundation and Shanti Nilayam

Republic of good food and banter

Dadu's has announced the opening of its new chain of restaurant at Himayatnagar

San Francisco is known for its incredible diversity and food

If you’re looking for a unique global experience rather than just another meal, look at how you can enjoy the food of several countries in San Francisco.

Hundreds of schools to shut as toxic smog cloaks Bangkok

The Thai capital has been shrouded in murky haze for weeks, forcing residents to don masks and sparking social media criticism of the uneven response by the government.

Indulge in some pan Asian delicacies at The Fern

‘The Asian Wok’ is on till September 3 at Prana restaurant in Manasarovar - The Fern Hotel.

Lot of takers for ‘dog poop’ shaped desserts in Thailand

It all started when a customer requested an "unusual shape" and Wilaiwan decided to do something especially eye- catching.

Man held in China for smoking on international flight

Chinese police have detained a 54-year-old Chinese national for smoking on a Thai AirAsia flight from Bangkok.

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