Friday, October 22, 2021
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New report suggests cocktail trends for 2021

A longing for nostalgic comforts, combined with a desire for escapism, have led many drinkers to craft their own twists on classic cocktails and dabble in edgy flavouring. M

Iced Tea cocktail for a powerhouse weekend

Try this drink which has the same hue as its namesake and blends perfectly for a balanced taste

Bottoms up for mint margarita

This non-alcoholic beverage is easy to prepare and refreshing too

Mahateji pleases in morning trials

Hyderabad: Mahateji pleased when the following horses were exercised at Malakpet Race Course on Tuesday morning. SAND 800m: Tequila (Kunal) & Lady On Turf (N Rawal) 1-2,...

Priyanka Chopra downs a tequila shot on Ellen DeGeneres’s show

Priyanka Chopra downs a tequila shot

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