Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Telangana Today Editorials

Economy on upswing amid risks

India is poised to grow beyond 7% in FY19 and better it with issues in GST and formal economy being resolved

Hard lessons

Apart from infrastructural woes, poor standard of teaching has been the bane of the education sector

Scrap sedition law

Slapping of sedition charges against former Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNSU) president Kanhaiya Kumar and nine others, in connection with the February 2016...

Temple Trouble

The decision to either visit or refrain from visiting the shrine in deference to the centuries-old custom must be left to the women.

Fuel on fire

A long-term strategy for insulating economy from global oil price volatility must involve migration to electric mobility.

Time to act is now

IPCC report must ring an alarm bell for India with large populations dependent on agriculture and fisheries.

Warriors for peace

Mukwege and Murad are, in many ways, the defenders of human dignity and can shake the world out of its complacency.

Pay for vandalism

SC ruling to curb arson and destruction of property during agitations must serve as a deterrent for those who go scot-free after instigating violence.

Death with dignity

The right to death with dignity is no less important than the right to live. The recognition of an individual’s right to exercise bodily...

Call of duty

The Army cannot be expected to silently watch the rise of terrorist elements creating a chasm between people of the Valley and rest of India

Catching the scamsters

The new law that empowers the government to confiscate assets of fugitives in India and abroad is a step in right direction.

Saffron takes on the Red

In Tripura, BJP’s massive poll campaign amid anti-incumbency is up against the socio-economic progress brought by the Left.

Chabahar challenge

Iran is beset with its own problems and gaining economic supremacy through the region will not be a cakewalk for India.

Crossing the line

The growth of any legitimate political party, wedded to the Constitution and democracy, should not be of any concern for the Army chief.

Telangana on IT superhighway  

WCIT-2018 has boosted Hyd's international profile and the next challenge is to take IT industry to Tier-II and other smaller towns 

Reaching for the moon

The Rs 800-cr Chandrayaan-II mission would reinforce India's supremacy in the world in space exploration

Future Shocks

We cannot afford to be complacent for these risks can crystallise with disorientating speed and upend our world

PNB fraud a wake-up call

RBI cannot escape the responsibility as it is supposed to keep a watch on loans that are on the verge of default

Schools in a connected world

The future schools would centre around learner autonomy where students choose what they will learn and how they will learn

Terror attack in Jammu

The attack on Sunjuwan military station in Jammu, claiming the lives of five soldiers and a civilian, is yet another grim reminder that Pakistan-backed...

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