Monday, October 18, 2021
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New technology to detect skin cancer early

"There is a real need for standardisation across the field of dermatology in how melanomas are evaluated," said James Krueger, Professor at Rockefeller University in the US. "Detection through screening saves lives but is very challenging visually, and even when a suspicious lesion is extracted and biopsied, it is confirmed to be melanoma in only about 10 per cent of cases," said Krueger.

Xiaomi partners with Jaunt for VR content

"Xiaomi expects more high-quality VR videos produced by Jaunt on our platform", said Tang Mu, general manager of Xiaomi VR.

Technology brings in new challenges: DGP

Vijayawada: There is an urgent requirement to provide sufficient and strong security to the coast, said AP DGP Nanduri Sambasiva Rao during an inaugural...

New robot tutor can tell when students are bored

Whilst the children enjoyed having a robot guide their learning, and preferred it to working alone, they felt they would have learned more with their normal teacher, despite feeling more relaxed in the presence of a robot tutor.

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