Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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US asks Taliban for ‘long-term reduction in violence’

The new developments come as a group of Afghan politicians announced a "National Reconciliation Plan", which they say will form a structure to represent the country in intra-Afghan dialogue.

Climate change threatens Afghanistan’s crumbling heritage

"We must start training the local people to teach them how not to destroy the site."

United States and Taliban talks continue for second day

"The US is moving forward in coordination with the Afghan government. Violence will be reduced when the (intra-Afghan) negotiations begin and this will result in a ceasefire."

Afghan security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in Nangarhar province

"The operations were carried out in Balil Khel area, where Taliban's ammunition centre was located and various ammunition, mines, weapons, a large number of explosives, and two motorcycles destroyed."

Face of global terrorism

Though the ISIS chief's killing brings the curtains down on a violent chapter in terrorism, as an idea and an ideology, Baghdadi remains a global threat

85 civilians killed, 373 wounded during Afghan election campaign: UN

The Independent Election Commission however insists multiple safeguards including biometric verification will make this year's vote the cleanest yet.

At least 30 civilians died in May US strikes in Afghanistan: UN probe

The agency went on to say that it had also received "credible information" about an additional 30 deaths -- mostly women and children -- and was working to further verify these claims.         

Taliban meet US peace envoy for first time since ‘dead’ deal

US officials however have been keen to say there is no resumption of peace talks, at least not now in Islamabad.

Taliban co-founder heads to Pakistan amid report of US envoy visit

The two sides were on the brink of a deal that would have seen Washington begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in return for various security promises from the Taliban.

At least 11 Afghan police killed in Taliban attack

The attack comes days after millions of Afghans went to the polls to vote for their next president, despite hundreds of Taliban bombings and small-scale attacks at polling stations.

Afghanistan: Death toll in suicide attack at Ghani Campaign reaches 26

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming they were targeting security forces at the campaign rally.

American teen LeT recruiter sentenced to 20 years

Sewell who was arrested in February, had admitted in May to encouraging an individual, identified in court documents only as "co-conspirator 1", to join the LeT, the Department of Justice said.

Taliban lift ban on Red Cross operations in Afghanistan

"Both parties consented to follow the old agreement, on top of new promises in humanitarian aid leading to the Islamic Emirate granting ICRC permission to resume their activities."

Trump blames Taliban for end of Afghan peace talks

“I'll tell you one thing--we are hitting the Taliban right now harder than they've ever been hit;”

India backs UN’s call for direct talks between Afghan govt, Taliban

The Afghan government has reiterated its stance to hold the Presidential elections on time (September 28) and move forward the ongoing peace process with "full wisdom and precision."

Blast at US embassy in Afghanistan on 9/11 anniversary

This is the first major attack in the Afghan capital since US President Donald Trump abruptly called off US-Taliban peace talks to end America's longest war lasting almost 20 years.

9/11 brought home horrors of terrorism to United States

The true horrors of terrorism traceable to Pakistan was brought home to the US by the war on America launched that day by the Al Qaeda, which worked under the patronage of the Taliban that controlled Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Afghan peace talks are dead, says Trump

The proposed meeting in the US came after nine rounds of talks between the US and Taliban representatives, held in Doha, the capital of the Gulf state of Qatar.

Trump’s tweets on calling off peace talks ‘unbelievable’, says Taliban

Trump announced that he was calling off the peace negotiations with the Taliban and cancelled a "secret meeting" with the group's representatives.

US President Trump calls off secret summit, talks with Taliban

"Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at Camp David on Sunday."

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