Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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T works

T Works develops cribs, to work with local carpenters

The institute plans to either collaborate with carpenters in order to make the cribs or will facilitate knowledge-transfer of the design

KTR pitches for ITIR in Hyderabad

In a letter to Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Rama Rao, requested the Centre to reinstate ITIR in the State capital.

Telangana has turned policies into action: KTR

He said Telangana Chief Minister always emphasises that technology and innovation should bring social good

Use technology for societal good: KT Rama Rao

New technology should be used to address the pain points experienced by the differently abled, said

Pinnacle of investments 

Behind the repeated thumbs-up for Hyderabad is the perfect fusion of peace and a political leadership firmly focused on making things happen  

T-Works helping hardware starups flourish

The unstinted support from the State government has seen unique business ideas from youngsters going on to establish themselves.

EV policy to boost manufacturing in TS: Industry leaders

Initiatives such as the T-Works and T-Hub, the brainchild of Telangana Industries Minister KTR, are playing a very crucial role in boosting innovation in the State, said YES Bank Chairman, Sunil Mehta

KTR pushes for rural innovation

Asks T-Hub to quickly operationalise its centres in tier-2 cities

T-Works to supply ventilators

The ventilators can be used in hospitals for primary care and also in ambulances

Trishula develops drone components to substitute imports

The startup makes UAV engines, motors, speed controllers and hybrid power units at Hyd facility

T-Works makes affordable mechanical ventilator

Giving a demonstration of the affordable ventilator, T-Works CEO Sujai Karampuri said this will come handy in times of emergency or if the Covid-19 pandemic spreads deeper.

T Works joins innovators to combat Covid-19

The TS government-run incubator and prototyping lab working on multiple projects

Hyderabad startup, T-Works designs protective device for medical front-liners

These devices cover the virus-infected patient and have three holes through which the doctors can perform intubation.

COVID-19: Hyderabad startup, T-Works designs protective device for medical staff

Designed and prototyped in under four days, the major part of the boxes are manufactured by ButterFly EduFields whereas T-Works and other partners have helped the company in sourcing the raw material and also in providing the equipment to make the box

Wings India 2020: T-Works develops 4 UAVs via 3D printing

To develop heavyweight aircraft to deliver medicine via drones

Sowing through drones, a unique gift to KCR

Marking the 66th birthday of CM KCR and following a call given by Rama Rao to celebrate the occasion by planting saplings and sowing seeds, seeding was done through drones

T-Hub completes four years

In the last four years, T-Hub has focused more on building a world-class organisation with value systems, culture and governance structures to serve as a role model for the innovation ecosystem across India and the world

T-Works launches IP facilitation cell for startups, SMEs and innovators

T-Works is set to be India’s largest prototyping center and the IPFC will facilitate startups, SME’s, makers, and rural innovators protect their IPRs by drafting applications for patent registration, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs at highly affordable rates.

Telangana to create three lakh jobs in electronics by 2023: KTR

Making efforts to create a strong manufacturing ecosystem

T-Works new facility soon

Will be the largest prototyping centre that will nurture ideas into products

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