Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Sye Ra

Niharika steps into the role of producer for Mad House

Niharika said, Every day we face many problems in our day-to-day life. And how does a woman tackle the problems in her life is what the web series is about. It is going to be an out-and-out entertainer.

Daring war sequences of Sye Ra to take theatres by storm

The looks of the megastar, revealed so far, have already enamored moviegoers.

Surender Reddy waxes eloquent about Sye Ra, Megastar

The director says that after its trailer release on Sept 15, the world would realise what a pan-Indian film it is

Sye Ra may come out the winner in this war

This despite the fact that Sye Ra is expected to bring in lot of moolah to its distributors.

‘Working on Gang Leader was like a paid holiday’

Actor Nani on why he is not worried about clashing with Sye Ra and his expectations from the film

Chiranjeevi not worried over Sye Ra’s budget

Grapevine suggested that the actor had some concerns over the film's expenditure

Will Saaho rewrite the magic of Baahubali?

Already ninety per cent of the tickets were closed online all over the country and overseas also.

Rumours afloat over Sye Ra shooting

A source reveals that the news of Bidar Fort set being erected at Ram Charan's farm is not true

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