Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Sunday Scape

The ubiquitous khichdi

Packed with proteins and nutrients, this delicious rice dish can be found in households of the rich as well as the poor

Need for speed

With the biker mania on full throttle in the city, a few passionate bikers tell us what it takes to be a part of this subculture.

Let your walls do the talking

Adding an unexpected pop of colour or mural can liven up any interior as long as one sticks to the rules.

Best Selling Books

Private Delhi Jack Morgan has managed to persuade Santosh Wagh to rejoin his global investigation agency and set up a new branch in Delhi. It's not...

Tinned Treats

Tins of hard-boiled sugar candy sweets used to be by far the most common birthday gifts in the 1960s and up to the early...

A guardian angel for the voiceless

Animal rescuer Sree Padmini talks about her love for animals and protecting them from cruelty and ill-treatment.

The lost glory

These pictures were captured during a photowalk at Koti women’s college. Built in 1803, the British Residency is one of the finest examples of...

It’s each man for himself on the road…

Deconstructing what really goes on in the minds of Hyderabad’s drivers.

The doctor’s locality

Hakeempet is best known for the huge air force base but not many know the history behind the name.

The next best place after home

A warm atmosphere and employee friendly initiatives are key ingredients of a successful workplace.

Mysterious Red Rain of Idukki, Kerala

According to Hindu beliefs, red rain considered to be a wrath of Gods for punishing sinners. It heralds a time of destruction and woe...

Symbols of harmony

There was a profusion of Hindu officers who held prominent places in the royal court during the Qutb Shahi regime.

Kolu Kay Baeyl

“Kyaa kolu kay baeyl kay jaeysay ayk hi cheez pay lagayvay haeyn” was the remark one would elicit on sticking to a tedious, repetitive...

My favourite book

Ricardo Semler's 'The Seven-day weekend' is a book that ought to be read by every aspiring entrepreneur. In fact, it ought to be read by...

Rape, reality and cinema

Explaining the reality of rape and its aftermath on film is a tough task, unfortunately some Bollywood films still deal with the subject in an insensitive manner.

Cozy garden at your desk

When you have got no time to visit a garden, then get the garden to your sight. Shilpa Vatnani helps us in making our...

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