Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Srinivas Goud participates in Covid victim’s funeral to allay fears

Due to fear psychosis, stigma and social ostracism, many people are hesitating to perform or even attend the funeral of their family members

Stigma, a challenge for Covid warriors, survivors

While coronavirus does not discriminate, people as a whole find new ways at stigmatising the disease and people associated with it

Address stigma around COVID-19 through campaign: Health Ministry

Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary in Union Health Ministry says that spreading of misinformation and panic should be avoided and no community or area should be labelled for COVID-19 spread

‘Sahayam’ in OU provides COVID-19 free mental health tele-counseling

Sahayam, In-charge, Director, Prof. C. Beena said that a team of 15 psychology experts is ready to render tele-counseling services through proactive strategies to minimize the impact of psychological stress

WHO urges ‘no stigma’ to be associated with coronavirus

"It is the responsibility of us all to ensure there is no stigma associated with the disease. They are unnecessary and unhelpful."

Niti Aayog pats Telangana for TB intervention

TB clubs lauched across State have played vital role in keeping patients motivated

Two-thirds of AIDS treatment drugs supplied globally by India

"Ensuring uninterrupted access of affordable antiretroviral drugs and quality care, as well as adherence to treatment through support services, is necessary to combat drug resistance,"

Richa Chadha promotes Love Sonia, globally

To promote the film, the Indian actor appeared on a show hosted by Victoria Derbyshire. She also used the platform to speak about a variety of issues, including the #MeToo movement

Sketches that fight stigma

Shawn Coss is determined to continue his art on the subject of mental illness and disorders

Autism care with AI

For a problem that has no apparent cause or cure, artificial intelligence could be a breakthrough

Depression is the next epidemic, says Deepika Padukone at WCIT

Padukone - who has battled depression at the peak of her career in 2014 - started the foundation to help and spread awareness about the illness. She said that people need to first and foremost start recognising and understanding what is the problem is the key.

Battling depression was one of the biggest task, says Deepika Padukone

When asked whether opening up about depression had cost her movie roles, Deepika said she was unsure but there might have been some producers who did not approach her.

We need to get rid of stigma attached to HIV, says Farhan Akhtar

This particular version of the Vespa RED has been launched only in the Indian market, and every sale of the line will generate money to finance global fund grants that support the fight to end AIDS in India.

Starting a dialogue

Twitterati dedicates May 28 to break an age-old taboo.

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