Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Sore throat

Chicken soup for the soul

Try this delicious dish that will warm your body with rich flavours

Covid recovery continues to rise in Telangana

By Saturday, 1.24 lakh persons in Telangana and as on Sunday, 37 lakh persons across the country recovered from Covid-19

Covid declaration must for students taking JEE

They have to fill an undertaking form given by NTA before reaching the examination centre

Loss of smell or taste added to list of COVID-19 symptoms: Health ministry

New Delhi: Loss of smell or taste has been added to the list of COVID-19 symptoms, according to the revised clinical management protocols released...

Kejriwal goes into self-quarantine; To be tested for COVID on Tuesday

"He has mild fever and sore throat since Sunday afternoon. As advised by doctors, the chief minister will undergo COVID-19 test on Tuesday morning," officials said.

Cyberabad cops help seven patients, offer help through control room

Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar requested citizens to use the Dial 100 facility, in case of delay in ambulance for medical emergencies like a cardiac arrest, dialysis, accident or similar emergencies during the lockdown.

New loss of smell among 6 new COVID-19 symptoms in US CDC list

The other four symptoms added to the list on Sunday are chills, repeated shaking with chills, headache and sore throat.

Amazon working on common cold cure: Report

The Jeff Bezos-led company has engaged more than 100 people in a top secret effort called "Project Gesundheit" for finding a treatment for common cold, CNBC reported on Friday, citing unnamed people familiar with the effort.

Technology, new fitness guru

Applications and gadgets have now become major resources for workout routine

Acknowledge the symptoms of sore throat

The dry air of the winter and certain infections are the usual reasons why a sore throat sets in

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