Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Fuel prices continue to soar in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Fuel prices continued to rise in the city with both petrol and diesel costing over 50 paise more in the last two days. According...

Safe networks, secure data

Making allow/block decisions at the network’s IoT edge in millisecond speed and accuracy will help us win the battle

Indian students’ dollar dreams soar

Number of Indians moving to US universities has doubled in last six years

Hyderabad to brace for early and harsh summer

Hyderabad sees maximum temperature of 33.4 degrees Celsius on Saturday, showing signs of transition from winter

IT exports continue to soar in Telangana

Direct employment in IT touches 5.43 lakh, plans on to increase it to 10 lakh shortly

Best attire for pool vacation

As temparatures soar, water parks, resorts and swimming pools become the hotspots for everyone wanting to cool off. When you pack for that weekend resort trip, make sure you hit all the right style notes by making funky choices when it comes to swimwear.

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