Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Digital transformation spending to grow

ManageEngine to offer solutions backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning for operations and security

GHMC’s Laser tech to size up ad hoardings

GHMC to procure 12 laser equipment to curb irregularities in measuring hoardings

For the first-time parent

Make wise choices while indulging in baby shopping

Choose the right finge’ring’

Men can keep these style guidelines in mind, the next time they go shopping for rings

Film details new research on evolution of whales, elephants

PBS, which initiated the project, is working in partnership with the Smithsonian Channel and Smithsonian Institution.

Slip into the right fit and stay curvy and savvy

The bigger the size of clothes, the plumper you tend to look. Instead, choose an outfit that complements your body shape and size. Choose from comfortable fabrics and look for the right fit that flatters the slimmer parts of your body well.

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