Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Ayurvedic solutions for personal care

The entire range is made with natural ingredients and uses Ayurvedic formulations.

Golden rules for good hair care

Use basic oils and not blends. Wash hair with normal hair shampoo

Pick products that are neither too acidic alkaline to maintain skin

Little thought goes into considering each product’s pH value. Not many know what pH is all about; it is the potential hydrogen which refers to the acid-basic ratio of a substance.

Clensta to set up unit in Hyderabad

Using waterless technology, company is working on a range of new products to cater to global markets

Good habits for healthy hair

Following a few key rules during teenage will protect your mane in the long run

Use natural beauty products to avoid allergic reactions

Ditch your face cream for aloe vera gel  

Root-to-tip care for great hair

Get rid of dry, oily hair and look like you just returned from a trip to the beauty parlour

An everyday threat which goes unnoticed

Chemicals found in detergents, shampoos linked to birth defects.

Beauty, rooted in nature

Save your skin and body from harmful chemical-based daily care products

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