Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Destination USA: Aeronautics and Aviation programmes in US

The study of Aeronautics and Aviation Science combines flight training with academic studies

Destination USA: Work options for students in the US – Part II

CPT is an off-campus internship in student’s field of study

Destination USA: Academic Culture at US Universities

Carefully choose the type of courses and number of credits to enroll in each semester

Destination USA: Transfer procedure for undergraduates-II

When students discuss with a college how many transfer credits they will receive, it is important to understand the distinction between general acceptance of credit, and acceptance of credits to meet the requirements for graduation

Destination USA: Essays crucial part of undergraduate applications

Content and the way it is written allows admission officers to understand the student’s writing abilities and personality

Destination USA: Understanding application package

It is important for students to keep track of application deadlines based on whether they are submitting by early or regular application deadlines

US Homeland Security’s SEVIS outage raises eyebrows

As per the memo, if an F-1 student is found by DHS to have failed to maintain status, he or she would begin accruing unlawful presence on the day after he or she engaged in the unauthorized activity that caused the status violation.

Destination USA: English Proficiency Requirements – Part 2

Like other English proficiency tests, TOEFL evaluates the potential success of international students to use and understand English in academic settings

You should be careful about these things

After the student lands in America, there are many issues that could cause problems. Here are some practical tips for you.

Telugu girl in US sent back to Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A Telugu girl studying in San Jose State University was asked to return to India by the US authorities last week. The student, whose name...

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