Saturday, October 23, 2021
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GHMC elections bring chefs, caterers back in business

Struggling to keep home fires burning even after the lockdown was lifted, the GHMC elections has kept them busy with orders to cook food for almost 1,500 people everyday

Child dies in Ibrahimpatnam after hot sambar falls on him

Hyderabad: A five year-old boy who sustained burns when hot curry fell on him during a function in Ibrahimpatnam four days ago, died while...

Lockdown offer: Adopt elephant for Rs 1.75 lakh at Bengaluru zoo

One can adopt the likes of King cobra and Indian rock python for Rs 3,500 per year, and jungle cat and Assamese Macaque for Rs 5,000

What food is served for coronavirus patients at Gandhi Hospital?

A lot of attention has gone into planning a menu that has loads of proteins and carbohydrates to improve immunity and provide energy needed to fight the coronavirus, hospital officials said.

This homemaker knows how to hustle

Manikonda resident Rajyalaxmi Pradeep stitches quirky bags of all types which are loved by Hyderabadis of all ages

90% of Kaziranga National Park submerged; anti-poaching camps affected

Ninety per cent of the Kaziranga National Park in Golaghat and Nagaon districts of the state was still submerged, a statement from the Assam Ministry of Forest and Environment said.

Foresters’ efforts bring respite to wildlife in Asifabad

Forest Department officials in the district are providing several artificial water holes and cleaning up natural water sources in the forest so as to quench the thirst of precious wildlife

Secunderabad’s most prominent landmark is back

The Taj Mahal Hotel, which had shut down for renovation two years ago, is open again

Whose samosa is it?

Popular foods like samosa, idli, kebabs among others have some interesting origins

Rising egg prices take a toll on mid-day meals

Karimnagar: With egg price skyrocketing, the poor who find egg as a good substitute for meat have been hit hard. Agencies involved in supplying...

An ode to Idli

On World Idli Day, internet ensured it celebrated this humble dish with all fervour

Indian Bison spotted in Kagaznagar forests

The Kagaznagar forest often record the migration of endangered big cats belonging to Thadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra and Indravati Tiger Reserve of Chhattisgarh.

Mid-day meals in Telangana get yummier, healthier

About 10 new dishes, including peas pulao, vegetable biryani, soya mealmaker biryani, khichdi with drumstick leaves and moong dal have been added to the menu.

Suryapet: Three-year-old falls into hot sambar, dies

Suryapet: A three-year-old girl, Morapaka Hruthika, who was hospitalised due to severe burn injures after falling into a pot of boiling sambar on Thursday...

Right mix of wildlife and scenic splendour

Located a short distance from the city, the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary promises ample adventure and wildlife spotting

Give me my daily bowl of sambar

The humble South Indian dish has been found to have anti-cancer properties

5-year-old falls into hot sambar, dies

Nalgonda: A Class I student Vishnuvardhan (5), who received burn injuries after falling into a utensil with hot sambar at Eduluru Government Primary School...

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