Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Nagraj continues to wait for Dronacharya award

“I always feel happy when young trainees turn up at the camp. However, this Covid-19 has brought about a different challenge."

Sangakkara says the smile after WC loss hides a lot of sadness

India defeated Sri Lanka, who were unbeaten till the final in the World Cup held in India, chasing down 275 for their second quadrangular event.

13 key human emotions triggered by music

The music culture across the globe majorly influences 13 kinds of feelings from amusement to eroticism, sadness to joy.

Emotional health crucial for happiness

Good thoughts and speaking out will keep you stable over time

Researchers identify 27 distinct states of emotion

A new study challenges a long-held assumption in psychology that most human emotions fall within the universal categories of happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear...

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