Monday, October 18, 2021
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No snake soup for Hong Kong’s young snake catcher

Ken Lee, a new breed of snake catchers strive to release the reptiles back into nature

Two giant ‘peacocks’ to welcome visitors at Hyderabad’s KBR Park

Forest officials say the sculptures were 24 feet in length and 12 feet in height and were made of fibre glass and iron frames

Watch: Summer care in place for Hyderabad zoo animals and birds

The summer arrangements and precautionary measures which aim to prevent summer stress and protect them from heat while ensuring required health care measures will continue till mid-June.

Students get water tubs for animals at University of Hyderabad

The UoH campus has 200 plus species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Lakes and smaller ponds were drying up due to scorching heat and many animals have been suffering due to lack of water.

Man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes

For people who do not have enough space or money for larger pets, here are a few options

Jaws of steel

Scientists prove finches had more force to their chaw than Tyrannosaurus rex

Do ducks sleep with one eye open?

In birds, the evolutionary value is different. During long migratory flights, unihemispheric sleep may allow birds to navigate and maintain vigilance.

With mercury on the rise, Nehru Zoo Park gearing up for summer

Foggers are being installed in the Reptile house, Macaw, Pheasant and aviary area in the zoo.

Hyderabad Zoo gets heaters for inmates

The seasonal arrangements include room heaters for the night houses of big cats including tiger, jaguar, cheetah, leopard and lions apart from throwing a warm cover for primate houses meant for sacred baboon, Olive baboon, Chimpanzee and Lion Tailed Macaque.

Humans can identify emotions in animal voices

The study proves there may be a universal code for vocal expressions

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