Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Dating apps don’t always ruin long-term relationship goals

Moreover, these new ways of meeting people encourage socio-educational and geographical mixing, said the study published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Shruti Vyas looks back at the pandemic with mixed feelings

Speaking professionally, she agrees the pace has slowed down but is happy that Zee Theatre is redefining the quintessential theatrical experience in an accessible format.

‘Emotionally flexible people have better romantic relationships’

The study, published in the 'Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science', statistically combined the results of 174 separate studies that had looked at acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and emotion regulation.

Facebook Dating app expands to Europe with ‘Virtual Dates’

The Secret Crush feature lets you explore potential relationships with people you already know on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Indians rediscovered travel closer to home amid pandemic: Booking.com

When looking back at the same time last year, Indian travellers journeyed on average 1,786 km per booking.

Don’t blame us for classified ad decline in newspapers: Google

"Of that decline, 92 percent was from the loss of classified ads, and most of these classified revenues went to specialist online providers that target niches such as job advertisements, second-hand goods, or real estate listings."

FB challenges top news aggregators with smart subscription move

"We're adding additional partners to the product test and are actively working to measure subscriber retention driven by account linking, and other approaches to measuring impact for publishers."

Sangakkara backs Sourav Ganguly for ICC top post

The former Sri Lanka skipper said Ganguly has the potential to build relationships, which is vital for the influential position in cricket's governing body.

Smartphones not a barrier to good parenting: Study

"This is an issue because it can cloud our insight as we focus on ways to meaningfully assist parents and families to enhance positive outcomes."

WhatsApp rolls out first-ever global brand campaign in India

"WhatsApp is designed to help friends and family communicate as well as help users connect with a business that is important to them."

‘Nancy Drew’ star Kennedy McMann decodes the show

"Not only is it funny, there's a mystery, a lot of mystery I don't even know the answer to. I think that will have people coming back."

Why Ellie Goulding was cynical about marriage

"I kissed quite a few frogs (before I met Caspar). That sounds harsh but that's the best way to say it because I did have a few relationships before Caspar that I thought at the time were amazing."

Lockdown a testing time for couples

While people have generally come to accept that the lockdown is essential to keep coronavirus at bay and under check, the number of corporate as well as personal cases that are landing up at the doorsteps of lawyers indicate that the thresholds are thinning out

Demi Lovato to host new talk show

Titled 'Pillow Talk with Demi Lovato' the show will be featured in Quibi

Instagram may develop friendships in real life: Study

"Studies have shown that in general people who are not extroverted, who might be somewhat shy, find social media platforms an easier way to interact with other people."

Time to converse with your kid

ParentCircle celebrates #GadgetFreeHour to re-establish connection between parents and children

What to wear on a first date

Comfort and the right attitude will ensure you make a great impression on your prospective beau

Put your heart and soul into gifting

Thinking up a thoughtful present can be confusing, here are few ideas you can consider this upcoming season

Roshni counselling centre lights up depressed lives

Roshni counselling centre launches awareness campaign ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day

Endangered tapirs thriving on former drug cartel ranch

Almendra, a young tapir, is fed with a bottle at the Joya Grande zoo in the mountainous north of Honduras, which the government confiscated...

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