Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Ravindra Bharathi

Caught with trousers down

The play which revolves around a married man's extra-marital escapades evokes a few guffaws.

From despair to hope

‘Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda’ serves as a commentary on the moral dilemma of Indian middle class.

For the love of theatre

Professional performances by Tajakistan artistes attracted the audience

Eco-warriors drive home a lesson

A play without words leaves Hyderabadis speechless.

CDAST to hold exhibition on Feb 12

Hyderabad: Unsung Legacy, an exhibition of artefacts and literary material from lesser known sources of marginalised communities, is being organised by the Centre for...

Stellar performances from Kashmir at Ravindra Bharathi

Kashmiri artistes look forward to coming back to the city.

Deepthi excels in karate

The engineering student aims to become an IPS officer

A graceful ranga pravesam

Proud moment for guru Alekhya Punjala as Aishwarya Perambai performs with sheer energy.

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