Monday, August 2, 2021
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Microsoft says new ransomware exploiting its email servers

Named as ‘DearCry,' the new ransomeware is "being used after an initial compromise of unpatched on-premises Exchange Servers," Microsoft said in a tweet on Friday.

Cyberattack: 237 breaches hit healthcare sector in 2020

Ransomware was reported as the most prominent root cause of healthcare breaches, accounting for a whopping 54.95 per cent.

India 2nd in APAC to face most cyberattacks in 2020: IBM

Finance and insurance was the top attacked industry in India, followed by manufacturing and professional services, according to the 2021 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index released by IBM Security.

Ransomware, attacker behaviour to shape IT security in 2021

The gap between ransomware operators at different ends of the skills and resource spectrum will increase, according to the "Sophos 2021 Threat Report".

Indian startups, SMEs most vulnerable to cyberattacks: Report

When it comes to the most common challenges faced by organizations, one of the most critical ones is the cybersecurity risks.

Microsoft attempts takedown of global criminal botnet

“It is very hard to tell how effective it will be but we are confident it will have a very long-lasting effect.”

Ransomware attack on Pooja Bedi’s website

Bedi, who resides in Goa and whose website trades in organic supplements, also took to Twitter with her woe.

‘Dharma’ ransomware attacking SMBs, average loss is Rs 6.4 lakh

The key to avoid such ransomware attacks is to shut down internet-facing remote desktop protocol (RDP) to deny cybercriminals access to networks.

Safe networks, secure data

Making allow/block decisions at the network’s IoT edge in millisecond speed and accuracy will help us win the battle

Cloud security top concern for Indian IT managers: Survey

"The growing demand for remote working coupled with the growing adoption of public Cloud services has exposed businesses to cyber attackers in multiple ways."

375 new cyber threats per minute seen in Q1 globally: McAfee

During the first quarter of this year, McAfee Labs counted 458 publicly disclosed security incidents, an increase of 41 per cent from the previous quarter.

Ransomware attacks up in India as firms turn digital: Report

The report from Global cyber security major K7 Computing also found that Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad recorded the highest rate of infections amongst Tier-I cities.

India worst hit by public cloud security incidents: Survey

Europeans suffered the lowest percentage of security incidents in the Cloud, an indicator that compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines are helping to protect organisations from being compromised.

New ransomware attacking APAC nations via malvertising: Report

"Storing back-up for important data is a basic step that needs to be taken especially by enterprises and government institutions in order to fight against attacks like ransomware."

Russian hackers attack remote US workers with ransomware

"The attackers behind this threat appear to be skilled and experienced, capable of penetrating some of the most well-protected corporations."

New wave of ransomware from Russian-led hackers: researchers

Washington: Russia-based hackers are stepping up ransomware attacks against major US firms seeking to cripple computer networks if their demands for millions of dollars...

Small firms not giving secure corporate devices to employees: Report

"Small companies may be in difficult circumstances and their first priority is to save their business and employees during the lockdown."

Rs 60 lakh is the cost to recover data after ransomware attack: Report

According to the survey, almost every company admitted to experiencing downtime, with 1 out of every 10 servers having unexpected outages each year - problems that last for hours and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Interpol warns of ransomware attacks on healthcare institutions

Hyderabad Cybercrime police has warned of such attacks and said that hospitals and medical centres were primarily being targeted by cybercriminals since they were overwhelmed with the health crisis

86 per cent of global data breaches aimed at monetary gain: Verizon

2020 Data Breach Investigations Report analyses 32,002 security incidents and 3,950 confirmed breaches from 81 global contributors from 81 countries

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