Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Mediterranean diet reduces risk of prostate cancer progression

"A Mediterranean diet is non-invasive, good for overall health and, as shown by this study, has the potential to effect the progression of their cancer," said the lead researcher, Justin Gregg, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas.

Huawei patents foldable smartphone with stylus, sub-display

 The users will still have the option to "activate sensors in a chosen area on the screen while deactivating the rest on the screen space." 

Study reveals why walking to work may be better for you than a casual stroll

The researchers also found that walking trips that begin at home are generally longer than walking trips that begin somewhere else.

Book By UoH faculty on Ecoprecarity: Vulnerable Lives in Literature and Culture published

Among Nayar's most recent books are Brand Postcolonial: 'Third World' Texts and the Global (de Gruyter 2018), The Extreme in Contemporary Culture (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017).

Social media could help motivate people to exercise: Study

While Facebook has the potential to get people physically moving in a positive direction, there still remains what Divine called the "dark side" to the social site.

Lost in the annals of musical history 

The book Forgotten Composers by author Aruna Chandaraju gives the common man an insight into the highly skilled subject

Amit Chaudhuri releases new poetry collection

The collection of 31 poems makes a fresh, spiritual accommodation with the world.

Youngsters prefer curling up with a book

"We looked at what's called psychological ownership, which is not necessarily tied to legal possession or legal rights, but is more tied to perceptions of 'what is mine'," said Sabrina Helm

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