Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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public health experts

Majority of Covid cases in Hyderabad asymptomatic: Study

Study by HHF indicates that need for emergency hospitalisation and Oxygen support is significantly less among Covid-19 patients in Hyderabad

Health experts decry Trump’s shunning of virus rules

“There almost certainly were individuals there who were infected with COVID-19 but don't know it,"

Families protect elderly, children from Covid

Following advice from health experts, they keep the vulnerable sections out of harm’s way

Kejriwal must listen to doctors with pandemic experience, not bureaucrats

Speaking to IANS, Puri said Delhi should learn from Kerala, which built extremely good public health infrastructure and the state has also experienced attacks from various viral infections. "India needs to learn from good practices.

Public health experts welcome Telangana’s tobacco ban

Hyderabad: Public health experts have welcomed the State government's decision to ban the use of tobacco products and spitting in public places with the...

Smokers more vulnerable to COVID-19, says WHO

Cautions about amplifying unproven claims that tobacco or nicotine could reduce risk of deadly disease

Detained migrant with COVID-19 forced to call in to US court

Public health experts have warned that the virus could do particular harm in U.S. jails and prisons because there's little space for social distancing

Hyderabad: Disinfection tunnels come under scrutiny

Disinfection tunnels will create a false sense of security and people may be diverted from hand wash to disinfection tunnel. In addition, the spraying of alcohol, chlorine and Lysol on human beings is not only harmful but also ineffective

United States could start reopening in May, top virus advisor says

The United States has been recording nearly 2,000 deaths a day from the coronavirus, disproportionately older people with weakened immune systems and ethnic minorities with less access to health care and teleworking.        

Life may not be ‘normal’ after April 14

Health experts indicate lockdown can be released only in stages; say it is unlikely that social distancing will be lifted at one go

Facebook scrambles as use soars in time of isolation

"I am quite worried the isolation of people staying at home could lead to more depression or mental health issues."

Unconscious messaging behind greeting cards

While themes of drunkenness on greeting cards are popular and considered normal, it undermines public health messages about harmful drinking, according to an article published in the journal, The BMJ.

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