Monday, October 25, 2021
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Farmers’ protest comes to an end in UP’s Baghpat; protesters allege use of force by police

Late on Wednesday night, a large number of police personnel entered their tents, resorted to lathi charge on the sleeping farmers and chased them away, they told reporters.

Farmers from Maharashtra reach Delhi border: AIKS

On Monday, thousands of farmers from Maharashtra had left for Delhi from Nashik in vehicles to join the ongoing agitation seeking the repeal of the legislations

NRC protesters among hundreds of NRIs deported from Saudi Arabia

The foreign workers who violate local laws are required to return home through deportation centres.

Why Burari ground fails to attract protesters?

Those fighting for a cause feel that Jantar Mantar and Ramlila ground are better options if their voices are to be heard by the powers that be.

Iraq protesters revive year-old revolt against the system

Activists have long complained of a campaign of kidnappings and killings to intimidate them into halting demonstrations.

Thai authorities seek to censor coverage of student protests

The monarchy has long been considered sacrosanct in Thailand, and is protected by a law that makes defaming senior royals punishable by a prison term of three to 15 years.

Over 100 detained in Prague for protesting against Covid-19 curbs

The police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the violent protesters.

SC on Shaheen Bagh: Protesters can’t occupy public places indefinitely

The top emphasised that the occupation of public places or roads by demonstrators, which leads to inconvenience to a large number of people and violate their rights, is not permissible under the law.

Vast protest in Minsk keeps up pressure on Belarus president

Lukashenko has consistently repressed any opposition during his time in office and weariness with his hardline rule.

Violent protests in Minneapolis over police killing of black man

Media reports said the city was requesting National Guard troops as well as police from neighboring St. Paul to help keep the peace as more protests were planned Friday

Lockdown politics increasingly pit economic, health concerns

Trump supporters in several states have ignored social distancing and stay-at-home orders, gathering to demand that governors lift controls on public activity.

COVID-19: At Shaheen Bagh, activists keep one-meter distance

The protest over the controversial CAA and the NRC has been going on in Shaheen Bagh area since December 15 last year.

SC should look into charges slapped on protesters: Congress

"What is the definition of hate speech? If the speeches made by the BJP leaders were not hate speeches, and the protests are a threat to the society as per the cases registered."

Government not doing anything more shameful: Priyanka Gandhi

"What BJP leader Kapil Mishra has said is shameful and the government not doing anything is even more shameful"

Virus delivers blow to Hong Kong protests but rage remains

There was also anger over the government's inability to stockpile enough masks despite the city previously experiencing the deadly 2003 SARS outbreak.

Shaheen Bagh protesters march to Shah’s residence, security beefed up

New Delhi: A heavy police deployment was in place at Shaheen Bagh where hundreds of women protesters have gathered to march towards the residence...

Authorities revoking gun licence of violent anti-CAA protesters

More than 250 people have been booked in connection with the violent protest on December 20.

No sympathy for Jamia shooter, say Chandan’s family

"I condemn the act of opening fire at the Jamia protesters in the strongest possible words. We are a non-violent society and protest should always be peaceful."

Government ready to talk to Shaheen Bagh protesters: Ravi Prasad

"If you want a government representative to talk, then there should be a structured request from Shaheen Bagh which says all the people there want to talk on the subject."

Govt responsible for creating hatred environment : Shashi Tharoor

When asked about the Congress leaders wearing black bands inside Parliament, the leader said they wanted to showcase their dissociation with what was going on

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