Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Is privacy a mirage in this connected world?

There are many critics who opine that the biometric-enabled Aadhaar empowers the government to conduct mass surveillance on its citizens, and therefore, has the...

Microsoft Windows 10 offers more transparency to users

The company is updating the Microsoft privacy statement to include more information about the privacy enhancements in the Creators Update.

Facebook takes steps to stop ‘revenge porn’

New York: Facebook has rolled out tools to help people thwart the circulation of their intimate images without consent or 'revenge porn' on its...

Facebook loses search warrant challenge in New York court

In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said the company was disappointed by the ruling and is continuing to evaluate its legal options.

Matters of privacy

While fighting tooth and nail to ensure our space is not intruded, we often forget to extend the same courtesy to celebrities.

Smartphone may help men test infertility at home

Researchers found that the easy-to-use smartphone app and accessory analyses sperm concentration and motility with approximately 98 per cent accuracy.

When privacy is dead

A stable society needs to enable privacy for its citizens, as its only in secure and private environs does innovation happen.

Death of privacy

The easy availability of technology to record, store and distribute has killed privacy -Bharath Lingam.

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