Friday, October 22, 2021
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Potential pitfalls of taking up online challenges

Though the intention is to communicate or share a positive moment, we must be aware of conman/cyber criminals waiting to do something negative

Microsoft announces Azure Communication Services

With the Azure Communication Services, businesses can build and deploy on the same low latency global communication network used by Microsoft Teams.

Canadian researchers join Apple to empower heart failure patients

"Understanding and learning how physiologic signals from Apple Watch and iPhone can be utilized, may lead to innovative solutions for the management of this disease."

Face‘book’ of hatred

Accused across nations of breaching privacy to inciting rape and terrorism through hate speech, for Facebook it’s still profit over social responsibility

Why India needs a strong cybersecurity policy soon

"Cyber intrusions and attacks have increased in scope and sophistication targeting sensitive personal and business data, and critical information infrastructure, with impact on national economy and security."

Samsung boosts mobile privacy with Make in India tool ‘AltZLife’

"An industry-first innovation, this intelligent feature has been designed keeping in mind the inherent need of consumers, especially Gen Z, for enhanced privacy when it comes to storage and access of content on their smartphones."

Anti-Facebook crypto social network ‘Minds’ bets big on India

"Users are able to choose for themselves whether they want to provide any additional information about themselves, such as preferred hashtags, location, name, etc., which can all be made public on their profile."

Is privacy a myth in India?

Over 130 countries have constitutional statements for protection of privacy and over 50+ countries now have some form of privacy and data protection law and India is yet to establish a bill on privacy!

CBSE, Facebook to train students and teachers on digital safety

The hands-on learning experience of AR will help in preparing the students for a career in the digital economy.

Great Firewall of India

The ban on apps brought instant gratification to many but shutting China completely out could cost us as well

‘Threatened’ Zoom says not worried about JioMeet competition

JioMeet can be used for creating instant meetings to chat with friends and also to schedule a meeting in advance and share meeting details with invitees.

WhatsApp rolls out first-ever global brand campaign in India

"WhatsApp is designed to help friends and family communicate as well as help users connect with a business that is important to them."

Security researcher finds flaw in Chingari site, firm says app safe

A Chingari user gets the opportunity to get creative with WhatsApp status, videos, audio clips, GIF stickers, and photos.

Learn to prevent ‘Zoom’bombing

Zoom has been one of the most widely used tools considering its easy-to-use features. While it has some benefits, there are also risks with regard to safety and privacy, accessibility, and organisations’ confidentiality obligations.

Google to protect employee privacy on company-owned devices

This resistance to traditional full device management creates challenges for IT organizations. In fact, employee concern about privacy is the top reason mobile devices remain unmanaged by IT, according to IDC.

Privacy a ‘myth’, says expert

However, some experts call it an act of hypocrisy. Calling privacy a “myth”, Internet Ethics & Digital Wellness expert Anil Rachamalla says that the move is more emotional than scientific at this moment.

India has to be data sovereign country: NITI Aayog CEO

Amid the ongoing border tensions with China in Eastern Ladakh, the Centre had on Monday banned 59 mobile apps including Tik Tok, UC Browser and other Chinese apps

Facebook releases new map, datasets to help combat Covid-19

The new map showing travel patterns between countries and states to help researchers and NGOs understand how long-distance travel continues to impact the spread of COVID-19.

Rohan Solomon’s ‘Victoria’s secret’ a song of self-introspection

"In the world of social media that we live in today, we can take the crux of the story and apply it to numerous real-life examples around us."

How Google G Suite for Education is protecting teacher-student privacy

Google said in a statement that its engineers are working around the clock to ensure the security of its products and quickly respond to any threats that may emerge.

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