Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Economics should supersede politics: KTR

Rama Rao was speaking at a virtual fireside chat on 'States to Watch Out For in the Next Decade' at India Economic Conclave 2021 organised by Times Group.

Place economics above politics: KTR to Centre

He said the Centre was meting out grave injustice to Telangana by ignoring it despite the fact that the State makes huge contributions to the Central kitty through its revenue generation

Hollywood icon George Clooney wants to ‘steer clear of’ politics

I'm friends with a lot of politicians who I like and respect and think the world of. Their life is very difficult and I don't envy a moment of it. I truly feel as if I don't have to make compromises in the world I work in.

Rajinikanth appeals to fans not to urge him to reconsider entering politics

Some of my fans along with expelled cadres of Rajini Makkal Mandram have protested in Chennai against my decision of not entering politics. I have taken my decision, I appeal to everyone to not indulge in such things

Jagan dubs desecration of temples ‘political guerrilla warfare’

They have no fear of God nor do they revere him, except that they seek to derive political benefit in the name of God, AP CM remarked without naming anyone

Green politics now and in future

An alternative development path different from Western and China's growth models will succeed only if we go green

Rajinikanth to launch party in Jan, outfit to fight 2021 polls

The top star, promising his brand of spiritual politics, categorically said that his party would fight Assembly elections in 2021 and "emerge victorious."

Fight against anti-farmer, anti-labour policies is above politics: MLC Kavitha

The MLC said the BJP was resorting to outright lies and fake news to manipulate social media to turn the tide in its favour in the polls.

No truck with AIMIM for GHMC polls: KTR

The TRS is contesting all the 150 divisions in the GHMC elections, and we are, in fact, confident of winning 10 seats in old city, says TRS Working President

Rajinikanth says he underwent renal transplant in 2016

The actor said he would announce at the appropriatetime whether he would enter politics or not after consultinghis office bearers of his 'Mandram'.

Trump praises COVID treatment he got, assures free drugs for Americans

"China is going to pay a big price for what they did to this country, and what they have done to this world."

Governor not accepting memorandum is political: TPCC

Congress leaders alleged that the Governor's decision not to allow Manickam Tagore, Uttam Kumar Reddy and others to submit a memorandum against the Centre's farm bills was political

Big companies deserve scrutiny, Apple has no monopoly: Tim Cook

"It's very rare, almost impossible for the best to become the most as well. Somebody will choose a commodity product and there's enough people that will buy the commodity product that it will have more share."

Chinese surveillance

There is an urgent need to put in place a robust personal data protection framework

Have experienced politics, nepotism, favouritism: Saif Ali Khan

"So, I have been in a situation a couple of times in my career where I've been offered something, it's been done. It's on paper, and the next day I've got a phone call saying, 'it's gone'. I'm like, what do you mean it's gone?"

Ban culture doesn’t serve anyone: Filmmaker Asim Abbasi

"I want this cultural exchange to keep going. The ban culture, I don't think, in the long run really serves anyone well."

Kirti gets nostalgic as Indu Sarkar completes 3 years

"When I was first approached for it, I remember being very excited and thrilled, which is the feeling I look for when I'm getting into a new film or a project."

Prioritise pandemic, not politics

Expending energies on destabilising opposition-governed States during an unprecedented crisis is unforgivable

Women bring difference to politics of the set: David Farr

'Hanna' narrated the story of a young girl named Hanna, who has lived in a forest and has gained extraordinary physical abilities.

Insulate science from politics

Cutting red tape should not mean creating a situation where hospital ethics committees are put under duress and outcomes are fudged

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