Monday, September 20, 2021
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Reset vaccination drive

The Centre must shed its rigid policies and allow people of all age groups to get inoculated through hassle-free procedures

12 children in Maharashtra administered sanitiser instead of polio vaccine

The official stated that the children are now doing fine and three officials including a health worker, doctor, and ASHA worker will be suspended in connection with the incident.

Three-day nationwide polio immunisation drive to begin on January 17

"Three-day national immunisation drive for polio will begin on January 17. This is essential to maintain the overall immunity level of our country particularly pertaining to polio," said the minister

Varun opens up about fighting polio and becoming a Paralympic medallist

"It was my dream since 2012 to compete in an Olympic stadium. That is where the best athletes compete. Olympics and Paralympics are the biggest stages for any athlete. We train for our whole life for that moment.

UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine

More than a dozen African countries are currently battling outbreaks of polio caused by the virus, including Angola, Congo, Nigeria and Zambia.

Measles, polio cases set to surge as vaccinations suspended due to Covid-19

Measles and polio are two diseases now forecast to rise, as countries are being urged to postpone vaccination programmes that could be ‘essential to saving lives.’ The top priority for most of the governments around the world is to fight Covid-19.

Children in South Asia could face health crisis amid COVID-19: UNICEF

The South Asia region is also home to two of the last polio endemic countries in the world, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

COVID-19: Millions of children at risk with immunisation services disrupted

UNICEF estimates that 182 million children missed out on the first dose of the measles vaccine between 2010 and 2018, or 20.3 million children a year on average.

Unicef warns over lack of life-saving vaccines for kids

Most countries had suspended mass polio immunization campaigns and 25 countries had postponed mass measles immunization campaigns, the Unicef said in a statement on Friday, adding that even before the COVID-19 pandemic

Lockdown over herd immunity for experts

Senior health specialists point out herd immunity route comes with greater challenges and risks, cite UK's botched up strategy

India has tremendous capacity in eradicating coronavirus pandemic: WHO

The executive director of the World Health Organisation, Michael Ryan, said India, the world's second most populous country, has a tremendous capacity to deal with the coronavirus outbreak as it has the experience of eradicating the small-pox and polio through targeted public intervention

Afghanistan launches polio vaccination targeting 9.1 mn kids

The drive was launched as 29 polio cases were detected in Afghanistan last year.

Malaysia launches vaccination campaign after first polio case in 27 years

Malaysia is the second Asian country to have recorded a polio infection this year after the Philippines.

Philippines begins mass vaccinations after polio returns

Two cases were detected in September, the first polio infections in the Philippines since 2001, adding to the woes of a country already hit by deadly measles and dengue epidemic.      

FB blocks 31 accounts for spreading ‘propaganda’ against polio vaccination

This comes after Imran Khan-led PTI government in Pakistan requested the social media giant to take action against the accounts.

Bharat Biotech developing more vaccines

To explore overseas manufacturing and working with global startups

Papua New Guinea scrambles to vaccinate as polio returns

Mount Hagen: Decades after polio was eradicated from Papua New Guinea, the crippling and sometimes deadly disease has returned, leaving doctors scrambling to revive...

Polio vaccine contamination: Telangana on guard

Presence of Type 2 polio virus in stool samples had triggered immediate response

Watch: How a Facebook post changed this family’s life!

This family was homeless when an unlikely Facebook post came to their aid. Now they own a house with a toilet and electricity facilities. Watch to find out how...

Watch: How a Facebook post changed this family’s life

This family was homeless when an unlikely Facebook post came to their aid. Now they own a house with a toilet and electricity facilities. Watch to find out how...

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