Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Pregnant tigress poached in Maharashtra, worrying foresters of Telangana

According to sources and vernacular news reports, the four-year old tigress was found dead at a culvert by a forester on Monday morning.

Electrified snare claims life of man in Asifabad

Dahegaon Sub-Inspector Raghupathi said the deceased was Pulka Lachanna (45), a resident from Ainam village, and the injured was Sudhakar, also from the same village.

Black buck rescued, poachers held with deer meat in Hyderabad

Salman wanted to arrange deer meat for his friends so he contacted Zubair and Baba. After fixing a deal, Baba arranged two live deer for Salman.

Two poachers who hunted blackbucks nabbed in Nizamabad

The two poachers, Kappari Pedda Rmulu and Kadamanchi Sailoo of Veerapur village in Biknoor mandal had hunted two blackbucks near Pulkal village on Thursday night.

Canine squad to protect forests in Telangana

Sniffer dogs will go for patrolling along with anti-poaching units to track down smugglers, poachers

Nizamabad: Constable suspended for colluding with poachers

The suspension was based on a report by the Forest Department that constable G Rajgopal was colluding with poachers in Varni mandal

Telangana: Two suspected poachers electrocuted in Nizamabad

It is believed that the two persons could have been moving in the agricultural fields to hunt wild board. However, they failed to notice the live wires planted around a paddy field by a farmer to protect the fields from wild boars.

Telangana: 10 held for poaching pangolin in Kaghaznagar

The Conservator of Forests stated that the poachers and the middlemen were attempting to hunt the pangolin for the scales in order to make money by cheating innocent people.

Of vulnerable carnivores

Leopards, wolves vanishing from panda conservation areas

When poachers turn protectors

Sea turtles find protection from Senegal fishermen who once devoured their meat

10 poachers arrested for killing Asiatic black bear in Meghalaya

Photos of poachers skinning the animal went viral on social media earlier this week, leading to outrage.

Netizens rage over killing of Kenya’s rare white giraffes

Northern Rangelands Trust (@NRT_Kenya) shared the news of killing of white girraffes on their Twitter handle along with a release

Two poachers arrested for killing antelopes in Warangal

District Forest Officer Purushotham said that the accused were identified as Banothu Ravi and Boda Seenu of Bandameedi Maamidi thanda village

Check-post on Karnataka-TS border to keep tab on poachers

Officials from forest and police departments would be posted round-the-clock

Poachers, smugglers steal camera traps in Telangana forests

Instances of such thefts have been reported from erstwhile Warangal, Adilabad and Mahabubnagar districts, all worth a few lakhs of rupees.

Telangana: Poachers eye water holes to quench their thirst for meat

Thirst for wild animal meat is driving poachers to water holes in forests even as animals themselves are drawn to such locations to quench their thirst.

Kamareddy: 40 quail birds, wild cat meat seized

Deputy Forest Range Officers Murali Mohan, Venu and Rozar Binni conducted raids at Shiva Nagar where the Yerukala community poachers had taken temporary shelter and were selling these birds.

Telangana Forest Department to rope in ex-servicemen

At a recent meeting, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao had underlined the need to protect forests and wildlife.

Poachers set 700 metre long electrified snare

Ramagundam Commissioner of Police V Sathyanarayana stated that the poachers killed the big cat by setting a 700 meter live wire after being prompted to do by the trackers on January 7

Vigil to be increased against illegal electric fences, snares

Setting up of two Special Tiger Protection Force companies suggested

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