Monday, September 20, 2021
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Peta India

Battling lockdown blues with true companions

B-town celebs share how tough quarantine would have been without these tough animal friends

PETA India’s EV chariot design to replace elephants at Amer Fort

The unique design, which PETA India and Desmania Design suggested to be named "Maharaja", resembles a royal chariot. The vehicle could ferry four tourists per trip and would be suitable for the hilly terrain like that at Amer Fort.

Let’s treat animals with love, bring an end to cowardly acts: Kohli

"Appalled to hear about what happened in Kerala. Let's treat our animals with love and bring an end to these cowardly acts," Kohli said in a tweet from his Twitter handle

Joaquin Phoenix makes a heavy impact with PETA ad

The ad comes in response to the criticism Phoenix faced over an earlier ad of Amul Butter

Amul’s Joker tribute #NotSoCool

Joaquin Phoenix is vegan and does not consume dairy, says PETA

Virat Kohli named PETA India’s 2019 Person of the Year

Kohli also reportedly swung by an animal shelter in Bengaluru to give lots of love to the injured and formerly neglected dogs.

PETA lauds Air India proposal to go vegan

PETA India has said that such a move would support the government's Eat Right India initiative, cut costs and help animals and the planet.

Entertainment is a brutal business, says Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline feels that the brand of films or products that she endorses are a reflection of who she is in real life.

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