Sunday, October 17, 2021
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A photo-exhibition on Antartica’s landscape, biodiversity

Titled 'Antarctica: The Last Frontier' the exhibition is live on the website of India International Centre

Lorde recalls a tricky situation during intense Antarctica trip

It's very, very white, everywhere you look. There are hundreds of thousands of penguins. But there are also beautiful rocky beaches, which on a sunny day make you feel like you could have a cheeky swim

World’s biggest iceberg on collision path with South Georgia

The world's biggest iceberg, known as A68A, is bearing down on the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia

Penguins chill during pandemic

The carers of these marine mammals seem to be working overtime

GITAM student secures Guinness record

Earlier, the family had secured six Guinness World Records for the largest display of 1,251 different handmade paper dolls, 7,011 uniquely quilled flowers

Are killer whales actually dolphins?

The killer whale is the largest mammal in the dolphin family. They have the largest brain among all mammals too. Killer whales grow to...

Strong female, pitiable male

Just like humans, penguins can identify their partners even in larger groups

Antarctic penguin numbers double previous estimates: scientists

Research by an Australian, French and Japanese team used aerial and ground surveys, tagging and resighting data and automated camera images over several breeding seasons, which allowed them to come up with the new figure.

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