Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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online transactions

RBI extends timeline on auto-debit rule till September 30

To comply with its guidelines related to recurring online transactions with Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA).

RBI extends deadline for processing auto-debit payments by 6 months

RBI had directed all banks including RRBs, NBFCs, and payment gateways to comply with AFA for automatic recurring payment by March 31, 2021.

Novel algorithm may help prevent fraudulent online transactions

BaReNPI, uses a software-based random number generator that makes it more difficult for cyber-attackers to crack down

11.40 lakh transactions settled in 8 hrs after RBI operationalises NEFT 24X7

The RBI now joins an elite club of countries having payment systems which enable round-the-clock funds transfer and settlement of any value.

Telangana Beverages Corporation goes online

Leveraging technology, the corporation, which supplies liquor and beer to wine shops across the State through 18 depots, has gone for online transactions, aiming at preventing corruption and ensuring quality services.

Internet services restored in Adilabad

Adilabad: In a big relief, Internet services resumed on a full-fledged manner in the district from Friday night. The Internet was suspended in Adilabad since...

Govt open to proposals to further cleanse political funding, says Arun Jaitley

Jaitley said the choice has now to be "consciously" made between the existing system of substantial cash donations involving unclean money and other transparent options like cheque, online transactions or electoral bonds.

Paytm starts payments bank with 4 percent interest rate

Paytm is the third entity in the country to launch a payments bank after Airtel and India Post.

FinTech cos witness growth

FinTech companies rely heavily on online transactions for their business survival and they were finding it extremely difficult to get people online.

Nalgonda police to adopt villages

Under the Jana Maithri programme, each police officer would adopt a village in the district to make it digital. An awareness programme would also be taken up by the district police on the safety measures to follow while making cashless transactions.

Cashless transactions on rise post demonetisation

In a bid to circumvent the demonetisation-induced cash crunch, common people are coming up with novel ways to honour their monetary commitments.

RBI eases authentication norms for online card payments up to Rs 2,000

"To meet the objective of customer convenience with sufficient security for low value transactions, the card-issuing banks will offer the payment authentication solutions of the respective card networks to their customers on an optional basis," RBI said.

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