Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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H&M sales drop a fifth during winter but improve in March

The Stockholm-based retailing group said the number of closed stores decreased to about 900 on March 13 this year as some countries including Germany.

Instagram’s new feature to give small businesses a big boost

The photo and video-sharing social networking service on Monday launched the “Support Small Business” sticker in stories and profile for users to encourage and give a boost to the small businesses they love and care about

Flipkart Samarth to help Jharkhand’s craftsmen set up online business

The initiative 'Flipkart Samarth' aims at enabling and hand holding craftsmen from across India to set up online business.

Zoho to set up two data centres in India

The Chennai-based company has one Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Chennai already, which manages the networks worldwide. The centre ensures security and vendor management besides software and hardware management.

True story of a digital entrepreneur

Sophia has a best friend (Ellie Reed's Annie), a helpful bartender (Alphonso McAuley's Dax) and a potential romance with Johnny Simmons' Shane, who's a band manager and drummer.

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