Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Olive oil

Solution for dry winter skin

Find out some natural oils that keeps your hair and skin in the pink of their health even in the peak winter season

Boost your immunity to sail through the Monsoon

It is a cue for everyone to adopt a diet that suits the changing weather, which brings with it seasonal maladies such as the flu, allergies, and infections.

Eating healthy during lockdown

Monica, who anchors several popular cookery shows on Telugu channels shares tips on how to eat healthy during these tough times.

Miracle ingredients to treat cracked heels

Regular foot treatments, essential oils and using natural ingredients like lemon will keep unpleasant feet at bay

Glow up from within during winters

Pressed oils have commonly been used to nourish the skin and hair according to Ayurveda

How to take care of baby’s skin during winter

Using a mild wash enriched with Indian aloe, almond oil, and olive oil can work well to nourish and maintain

Olive Oil: the grooming secret

Olive oil brands Gaia and Del Monte pitch in the alternative uses of extra virgin olive oil, apart from cooking

United States to impose $7.5bn in tariffs on EU goods

In a long-awaited ruling, the WTO said that Washington may impose trade sanctions worth $7.5 billion annually on the EU.

Wonder oil for your skin and mane

From dandruff removal to glowing skin, Olive oil can change your life in many ways

Wonder of essential oils that suits every texture

No matter the skin type, there’s an essential oil which suits every texture

Bite into a healthy lifestyle

Snacking, if done right, can be a perfect way of incorporating important, often missed out, nutrients to our daily diet

Mediterranean diet may lower the risk of stroke

Middle-aged women who follow a Mediterranean-style diet -- rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, potatoes, olive oil, seeds, fish, low-saturated fat, dairy products and red...

Scrumptious bites of heaven

See different ways you can use Mac and cheese to change your food game

Common man’s ambrosia

The findings, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, suggest that those who closely follow an anti-inflammatory diet have an 18 per cent lower risk of all cause mortality.

Switch to a brand new beauty regime for wedding glow

Switch to a brand new beauty regimen to look your best on your special day

Good habits for healthy hair

Following a few key rules during teenage will protect your mane in the long run

Look fresh naturally with these superfoods

Superfoods to be included in your beauty regimen

Natural skincare products to protect your skin

Make sure your shopping list has these skincare products

Simple solution for a healthy looking skin

Use extra virgin olive oil to provide your skin all the nutritional benefits

Time to switch to olive oil

Know how the consumption of olive oil can lower the health risks

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