Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Office Wear

Read how to pull off high-heeled crocs

The rubber-soled shoes now have some height added to them making them ideal even for office wear.

Staples to nail office style

From Oxfords to laptop sleeves and tassel shoes, know what helps you make a fashion statement

Incorporate some antique jewellery in your office wear

Roopa Vohra, founder of Roopa Vohra Fine Jewellery and Mitaali Vohra, founder of The Bohemian have some ideas to share on how to get the look right.

Some rules to remember for office parties

There are certain rules to abide by at an office party in order to make it a refreshing experience.

Walk in for work in style

Floral miniatures in bold colours, interesting capes and jackets trends for women.

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