Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Higher body weight linked with severe COVID-19 risk: Lancet study

People who were underweight (BMI less than 18.5) also experienced worse outcomes from COVID-19.

Obese people at higher risk of a more severe COVID-19 infection: Study

While obese people are at a higher risk of developing a more serious infection, there is no increased risk of death.

Frequently eating meals prepared away from home linked to increased death risk

Although some restaurants provide high-quality foods, the dietary quality for meals away from home, especially from fast-food chains, is usually lower compared with meals cooked at home.

Obesity raises type 2 diabetes risk in women with PCOS, says study

"Helping women sleep better during menopause may therefore reduce the chances a woman will gain weight, which in turn will lower her risk of diabetes and other related diseases."

Gamma oryzanol can prevent cytokine storm in Covid patients: Experts

"Gamma-oryzanol has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and due to which it has the potential to be helpful in preventing negative clinical outcomes in such patients who have inflammatory tendencies," Neha Gupta

Lower stress levels lead to lesser consumption of fast food

The research is published in a recent issue of the journal Nutrients.

Kidney ailments in children: Junk food and obesity are key risk factors

A study reveals that a diet mostly dependent on processed and junk food may trigger diabetes and cause damage to kidneys in the long run.

The risks of a pain in the neck and how to manage it

It is a common occurrence among the working population usually engaged in tech jobs or desk jobs.

Genes that ups obesity risk but protect identified

According to the researchers, people living with obesity tend to have unhealthy glucose and lipid levels in their blood, as well as high blood pressure. As a result, they are more at risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Blood tests offer early indicator of severe Covid: Study

The findings, published in the journal Blood Advances, indicated that five proteins (resistin, lipocalin-2, HGF, IL-8, and G-CSF) that are associated with neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, were elevated in the Covid-19

Low-quality diet during pregnancy linked to childhood obesity

Previous research has found that low levels of muscle mass may be associated with a higher risk of combined diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Study suggests exercise may protect bone health after weight loss surgery

The study randomised 84 patients undergoing weight loss surgery to an exercise group or a control group for 11 months.

Weight-loss surgeries may weaken bone health, suggests study

In a sleeve gastrectomy, approximately 75% of the stomach is removed to restrict food intake and induce weight loss.

Obesity increases risk of early hip fracture in postmenopausal women: Study

In the 25-year follow-up, the researchers analysed the association of body mass index (BMI) at the age of 58 with the risk of early hip fracture up until the age of 70.

78 pc of Indian adults make conscious effort to build immunity: Survey

The pandemic has induced a radical shift in behaviour towards proactive health management, across age, in the country in the last eight months, reveals the survey.

Gut hormone that regulates fat found abnormal in obesity

The researchers from University of Illinois (UI) found that the gut hormone FGF15 in mice and its human counterpart FGF19 turn off fat-producing genes in the liver.

Most humans at diabetes risk as evolution of insulin hits roadblock

Scientists from Indiana University (IU), University of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University determined that the sequence of insulin has become entrenched at the edge of impaired production

More men are infertile than would like to accept: Why is male infertility on a rise?

When a couple is diagnosed with fertility related issues, first thoughts often run to the woman.

Ensuring holistic fitness of mind, body

As the World marked Mental Health Day on October 10, she shares a few simple tips how mental health can be kept in check through positive life habits.

8 risk factors that can lead to heart failure

There is lot of ambiguity when it comes to understanding heart failure.

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