Thursday, October 28, 2021
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novel Coronavirus

Sonu Sood urges people to stand united in fight against COVID

The 47-year-old actor took to his Twitter handle and tweeted, "Can't sleep.. In the middle of night when my phone rings, all I can hear is a desperate voice pleading to save his/her loved ones.

Beer sales keep pace with temperature in Telangana

Sales took a hit last year due to the pandemic

PM Modi wishes Pak counterpart Imran speedy recovery from Covid

Pak CM tested positive for Covid-19 two days after receiving his first vaccine dose, government officials said on Saturday

Samsung expects $8.2 bn profit in Q4 on chip, display biz

In its earnings guidance, the South Korean tech giant estimated its operating profit at 9 trillion won ($8.2 billion) for the October-December period in 2020, up 25.7 per cent from a year ago.

WHO team investigating Covid origins denied entry to China

Two members had already set out on their journey - one has now turned back and the other is in transit in a third country, the BBC reported on Wednesday.

US Vice President Kamala Harris receives Covid-19 vaccine

According to the Biden-Harris transition team, Harris was vaccinated on Tuesday by Patricia Cummings, a clinical nurse manager at the United Medical Center.

Health officials on high alert as 12 from UK arrive in Adilabad

Adilabad: District authorities have sounded alert in the wake of a new strain of novel coronavirus detected in the United Kingdom. Even as the...

US CDC urges public to avoid travel during Christmas

Travel may increase your chance of spreading and getting Covid-19. CDC continues to recommend postponing travel and staying home, as this is the best way to protect yourself and others this year

London could be under lockdown for months: Matt Hancock

An estimated 16.4 million people living in the new Tier Four areas, which include London and much of the surrounding region, will have to stay at home for a fortnight.

TV show Ellen DeGeneres tests positive for coronavirus

The 62-year-old actor shared a statement on Twitter informing about it. "Hi everyone, I want to let you all know that I tested positive for COVID-19," the statement read.

Sore eyes significant vision-based indicator of Covid-19: Study

"This is the first study to investigate the various eye symptoms indicative of conjunctivitis in relation to Covid-19, their time frame in relation to other well-known Covid-19 symptoms and their duration," said study

ICMR approves a simple low cost method of detecting novel coronavirus

The dry swab method is a modification of the RT-PCR test by cutting down a few steps.

43 quarantined in China after Covid-19 found in frozen food

As of 5 p.m. Saturday, 43 close contacts had been quarantined in designated places and 109 were under observation at home, according to the Harbin epidemic response headquarters.

‘This plastic film used in food packaging can inactivate Covid virus’

Marketed by Brazilian plastics manufacturer Alpes, the material contains silver and silica nanoparticles, a technology developed and licensed by Nanox.

Plasma treatments can quickly kill Covid virus on surfaces

Plasma is one of the four basic states of matter and can be created by heating a neutral gas or subjecting it to a strong electromagnetic field.

Mutation in novel coronavirus may have made it more contagious: Study

The researchers noted that the mutation, called D614G, is located in the spike protein that pries open our cells for viral entry.

Covid spreads faster within households than previously estimated

Study revealed that 51 per cent of others living with someone who was positive for COVID-19 also became infected

US mortality data indicates Covid death toll exceeds 400,000: CDC

"The excess novel coronavirus deaths would be in addition to the official toll of 216,025 published by the CDC on October 15."

India remains on South Africa’s updated list of high-risk covid countries

"We continue to be reminded that the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us and we need to continue to take precautions."

US stocks slump as White House, Congress disagree on Covid relief package

The Nasdaq Composite Index, which lists US tech stock giants such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google, closed at 11,479, down 1.7 percent.

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