Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Agatsa exploring new unit in Telangana

Medical devices maker scouting for locations in south to set up a large facility

Noida girl fights for Rs 1.5 lakh stolen sans OTP or PIN

The three fraudulent transactions two on her HDFC debit card worth Rs 52,499.99 and Rs 44,544.24 and one on HDFC credit card worth Rs 52,499.99 were done at the same merchant called ASHANTI, PARIS 10/FR, on New Year's Eve.

Morphedo driving product innovation

Plans to set up electronics R&D lab and explore global markets

HealthCare atHome rolls out advanced services in Hyderabad

With a few players, providing clinical staffing solutions at home, home healthcare solutions are not new to Hyderabad.

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