Monday, October 25, 2021
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no symptoms

Telugu film actor Ram Charan tests positive for Covid-19

The film hero tweeted on Tuesday that "I have tested positive for Covid-19. No symptoms & Quarantined at home. Hope to heal soon & come out stronger" (sic)

40 per cent of virus carriers in Italian town show no symptoms: Study

The authors said their research showed how important mass testing and isolating carriers was in containing clusters of the virus

We are ready to accept our diaspora: Kerala Minister

"Whatever may be the numbers, we are ready to receive them and follow the accepted protocols that would be in place, once they return."

Hyderabad: Covid-19 patients with no symptoms, a huge headache

The ironical part in such cases is that even the Covid-19 positive person is unaware of his or her medical status and keeps transmitting the highly contagious virus to others, a vital reason behind the decision of the government for complete lockdown of the State

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