Friday, October 22, 2021
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Know about OSINT and how it is used

Hackers, State-owned agencies use Open Source Intelligence Tools to search through available data to achieve their goals

Chinese surveillance

There is an urgent need to put in place a robust personal data protection framework

Don’t blame us for classified ad decline in newspapers: Google

"Of that decline, 92 percent was from the loss of classified ads, and most of these classified revenues went to specialist online providers that target niches such as job advertisements, second-hand goods, or real estate listings."

Top news publishers join fight against ‘Apple tax’

News publishers have joined the companies and app developers like Fortnite game owner Epic Games that has filed a lawsuit against Apple

Opportunity to fix their shortcomings

Aspirants would have had a time table with May 31 as the scheduled date of conduct of prelims and they might have lost quite a few man-hours in the initial days of the lockdown.

Hyderabad: Complaint against five persons, 3 newspapers for ‘fake news’

Complainant demanded action against the five persons for defaming them and also against the three newspapers which carried the false report without verifying the truth

PCI issues notice to Maha govt over prohibition of delivery of newspapers

"Taking suo-motu cognizance on the issue, the Chairman has issued a notice for comments to the Chief Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra."

Ban on doorstep delivery of newspapers: HC seeks Maha response

The government order stated that while newspapers can be sold at stalls, door-to-door distribution by vendors cannot be permitted at this stage looking at the rapid spread of coronavirus.

Three scribes held for blackmailing ex-chairman of Khammam DCCB

Former DCCB Chairman Vijay Babu alleges that the reporters of Surya daily were publishing false reports against him for the past four days

Newspapers are not infected

Credible clarifications should reassure us and we must be alert to the criticality of newspapers amidst fake news

Providing business content via videos

Managing Director of Hybiz.TV, Madishetty started the channel in 2009, when online video platforms like YouTube where still finding their space

Cartoonist Sudhir Dar dies at 87 

New Delhi: Renowned cartoonist Sudhir Dhar, whose works graced several newspapers in a career spanning 58 years, died on Tuesday morning after suffering a...

Old newspapers to grow carbon nanotubes

"Newspapers have the benefit of being used in a roll-to-roll process in a stacked form making it an ideal candidate as a low-cost stackable 2D surface to grow carbon nanotubes," said lead researcher Bruce Brinson from the Rice University in the US.

1969 agitation: Eegalapenta incident

This was provoked by rumours that some Andhra people attacked Telangana employees and workers of the Srisailam project who were residing in Eegalapenta and this led to the incident

Publicity with a purpose, says KTR

Telangana’s welfare schemes in media made the rest of India aware of the State’s progressive polices: Minister

BIG Green Ganesha initiative launched in Hyderabad

As part of the Green Ganesha initiative, a vehicle was flagged off on Wednesday to visit various parts of the city till August 30 and collect old newspapers from the public.

Siddipet: SHG women asked to collect scrap to make extra bucks

the Commissioner and MEPMA have decided to rope in the SHG women in segregating the dry and wet garbage at houses.

TS-RERA warns builders and promoters

The TS RERA observed that many unregistered projects were being publicized through advertisement in daily newspapers, brouchers, television and even in social media.

Looking through the crystal ball

From fortune cookies to tarot cards and everything in between

Filing of nominations from Nov 12

Candidates told to publish their criminal antecedents if any in newspapers.

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